Wednesday, March 15, 2006

In Brief

*Brief = not panty

So the buzz is about how badly the KSE is doing, how broke everyone is etc..

I think is can be safely called a crash by now.

Another buzz i missed posting about was the Forbes list

Still amazes me how poorly our rich live.

And last, about me updates: finalizing 1 job, while getting into the other & "NEED to travel" is ever increasing. Been also shopping seriously (new season+new job).

Girls: please let me know if you see nice work clothes.

Anyone interested in my old job, please let me know.

GEO: I miss you! Sorry i've been in such a mess, hope ur doing well :)

do they offer part time? if yes remember me i want a ppart time job desperatly in need for one.

and work clothes in kuwait !! you are kidding me right!
check out

or you can enjoy buying bits and peices from ZARA and missimo dottie if you are willing to pay 100KD's for each peice check out maxmara.

cheerz let me know about the part time im in need.
just noticed!! brief no panty!! its a hugee one :P
lool "how poorly our richly live" did u see Warren Buffets house? BaKHEEEEEEEELLL..

Nice Work Clothes: ZARA, cheap and good.. and u toss it when u get bored guilt free..

What sector was ur old job in? I might need a job sOooon
الحين كل هالخساير وهمج لبس جديد
تحفظي ومالوت الشغلة القديمة يوفون
على الاقل ليما سهمج امان يلتقط انفاسه
اما انا فاني اغرق اغرق
بس للحين بالارباح ما وصلنا العظم :)
اتمنا لج كل خير في وظيفتج الجديدة اكيد المعاش اكثر والله يوفقج ويترس مخباتج :)
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hey missed u too, i'm chillin' in london town will be back by next week maybe :P
goood luck:)
Good luck dearest Sheba :)
"How poorly our rich live"... please elaborate!
very very very poooooooooooorly!!

zaydoun, why does she need to elaborate...wa6'i7 wu6'oo7 ishams

This is off-topic but I'm working on a research project about the Kuwait blogs and was wondering if you wouldn't mind taking my survey? Full details are below:


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no part time, sorry

beyond & judy,
Zara & Massimo Dutti dont look good on me

ma tetkhayal eshkether khasrana & ams met khof & be3t kilshay & akhatht 3ahd ina ma adesh ilsoog ila lama ikooon 100% okay

glad u had a good time :)

thank you & how are you!?

thank you AND shakbarech??

7adhum CHEAP!


i'm so so so so so so sorry, but i'm either too lazy or too busy (when you get into the work force, you'll understand how one is the reward for the other) :) Allah ewafgech!
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