Sunday, December 31, 2006

Kuwait & Saddam

It actually made me sad watching Saddam Hussein being executed. I not only found myself opposing the death penalty for the first time (probably because its the first time time i see a real execution), but i also felt as if i (a Kuwaiti) was being robbed of justice.

I wanted to see Saddam tried for every single rape, torture, and murder he was responsible for on Kuwait.

The torture and execution of Shurouq's father.

The torture and rape of Ghazi, my friend.

I wanted to see him tried for the ethnic cleansing of the Kurds-- Halabcha.

For mass executions.


The annexation of Kuwait.

Environmental catastrophes caused by the burning of our oil wells.

Deformed children of Iraq and Iran.

Mustard gas.

I wanted to see he his bank accounts frozen and all his wealth given to every single family that was affected by his tyranny (if such wealth exists).

I wanted him to apologize, and truely be sorry.

I wanted him to be humiliated.

And then die a slow and painful (natural) death.

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Same here...He got out easy

No Iraqi official now will be on trial for the crimes committed against Kuwaitis. With the death of Saddam dies any hope for justice for those families who are still waiting for answers about their missing and dead loved ones.

Its unfair to presume that we are the only victims of Saddam but every criminal should be judged on ALL of his crimes.
thank you bo jaij for your answer, baradt chabdi.

الله اهون على والدين وابناء وازواج واخوان كل من تضرر من صدامو
Do you know what i wanted ?

I wanted him to suffer.. i wanted him to have a slow slow slow slow death, seeing every bit and peice of his body being cut out.. centimiture by centimiture..

How i got the news ?
I was asleep.. i wake up on a msg from an sms from a friend, congratulating me !!
I was in dubai, i run down the stairs at 9 am to see my grandparents and mom all wrapped around TV watchin the news ! i couldnt believe it!

I was hooked.. Kept watching.. Till they announced that within minutes they will show the last few sec's before his execusion.

He Shows up !! Dressed up very elegantly.. His head up high .. trying to hide his fear !! But his eyes screamed !! HE LOOKED SCARED !!
AAAAGH ! the bastard .. they cut the scene.. and another scene pops up... My father, my pride !
i was in tears.. killing him was not enough .. killing his whole family .. his country .. burning IRAQ alive would never be enough !
Nothing will ever be enough to what he did to me .. my brothers.. my mom.. my family.. Am not selfish.. but am thinking of ME now ! let alone what he did to our country our people !

Killing him is not fair ! He should've lived to suffer .. to see his pride in the mud... to be humiliated..

Years and years of trials will never be enough... yet .. i wanted him to suffer .. like we did...
16 years without a father .. times that by 10, 100, 1000 is the least that he'd deserve to be punished..

We shut the Tv.. We go out .. enjoy the day .. or atleast try to..

Am back at home by 2am.. watch the news.. this time HE IS DEAD .. i see his body wrapped in plastic.. i only see his face.. that bastard.. i wished i had the chance to kill him with my own hands.. with my fingers being digged into his neck like my dad did to one of his soldiers back in prison before they murdered him..

Sheba, i couldn't sleep that night.. the movie was playing in my head .. 7 years with my dad...16 years after he was gone..

was it fair ??
was executing him now enough ..?
enough for the pain, loss, tears we cried, moments we missed our loved ones ?
wasn't it too soon ..?
didn't he deserve more ?
wasnt he supposed to be hung alive in an open space with us all around him throwing rocks at him .. seeing him suffer.. ?

Damn !
Damn that Judge !
Damn the Ameircans !
Damn Iraq !

Damn KT for not even giving the event eny importance. !

Not even History .. what happened was reality .. something NO ONE NO KUWAITI COULD GET OVER OR NOT REMEMBER FOR A DAY ...

They deleted it from the educational courses..
and now .. they barely mentioned the news...

aaaaah !

was it worth my dad's blood !!

i want an answer !
bint Ahmad,

I am glad you wrote this, so every one would know how you feel. I will put this up as a post for everyone to read!
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