Tuesday, December 12, 2006

JiJi Vanity

As winter loomed in, i so happily brought out my winter work clothes. And here i was getting dressed in less than 40 seconds so that i can be at work no later than 8:15, and i quickly slipped on my only dark brown tights to match the brown skirt suit i was already wearing... And here they were, 2 holes on my toes.
It was too late to look for another pair of tights, so i decided to go ahead and slip on my plaid mules and run out of the house.
A few hours later, and little before our next meeting, one of my employees sitting opposite me complimented me on my suit. I thanked him with a big smile-- its okay to get compliments from subordinates but not from superiors or colleagues.
My legs were crossed under my table and as i moved to get a paper on my side desk, my mules fell, revealing the hole i had discovered earlier in the morning, only now it was wider and my big ugly toe was sticking out from it.
I froze, as i saw the look on my subordinate's face. And he was quick to say "Sheba! Not you!!" I turned red, then blue, then finally mustered "i was in a hurry" he said "so what? Sheba common NOT you"

Oh My God

EventuAlly everything reveals itself.. hehe
so you finally came out .. i still can't stop laughing beats any namla joke by light years
how stupid is he, sorry , but if i was in your place i would gave him some words, inta shako its me or not me, it happened !! shal malaqa,, motakhalif..

wallah instead of pretending he didn't see it, or tells your in a sweet way yegool not you, ghabi.

dezeeh 3alay khal a6eega :P

Bs tara 3ady its sexy :)
The other day i was in a hurry too and i wore last nights jiji bil magloob, so the 'sole area' was facing up, and it was a bit darker cuz it stained from my shoes.....and everyone was complimenting me on my shoes :/ i guess they saw that dark area....

I felt so ashamed!
7asa feech!
jiji holes - that's soooo me, I'm proud of you Sheba :)
That was funny!
Im so sorry Sheba!! bes suj suj cracked me up ;)
لو كنت أشتغل معاك كان أنقذتك

في الشتاء بالذات وطوال سنوات عملي كان مكتبي لا يخلو من جوارب جديدة بالكيس باللونين الأسود والبيج الغامق

وعند الذهاب لاجتماع تجدين عدة الاحتياط في حقيبتي..خوف مفاجآت الطريق

أعتقد أنه بعد الموقف إياه من المناسب أن يكون لديكِ خطة طواريء
تعيشين وتاخذين غيرها
shopy, :/

phoenix, what do you mean??

geo, ahh still mayta min il fashla!

judy, haha sexy my a$$!!

delicately R, ahh chan zain you work with me so you can top me off (actually i don't know which is worst, dirty or broken jiji)!

shosho, i have to meet you!

jewaira, hehe i bet you can't make up a sexy story about that :p

leenish, ous please, and where have you been??

الدقه ان ما عندي جيجي أدعم غيره
well dont they say you always have to carry an extra one !
this is a test
Hey Sheba it was great bumping into you the other day ;) im glad i got to see you before I leave :)

Bint Ahmed! Whats up! :)
ya kirhah!!!!

I hope he will have a hole in his socks one day!!
lol I don't mean to laugh but I've been there once, it gets funnier with time I guess.

Happy NewYear =}
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