Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Who said waxing is better than shaving?


1. Shaving doesn't hurt.
2. Shaving doesn't burn.
3. Shaving is fast.
4. You don't have to wait till the hair is 3 mm to shave again! (we33)

Hint: If you get prickly in a few days, just shave again!

I like how you love to talk about all the "taboo" things... it's fun :)
Thanks gurl! Glad to know some1 else is up too!
Totally agree !
What about the really "sensitive" areas? A razor cant reach everything!
I know of a gay friend who shaves constantly, it's with a razor too and he's pretty comfortable with it. I once shaved with a machine but never repeated the experience as it proved to be futile.
Interesting Sheba... and glad to see you posting again:)... Waxing it does hurt but somehow you can remove your dead skin... though it makes me feel tortured :S its like I've done smth wrong and someone is punishing me:'( But i agree that if you wanted to use it for the "sensitive areas" it won't be helping sweet sheba... Bas sej sej "Shaving it" sahalat OO asra3 oo arya7 :/..And As For "W" laser is an alternative matter.. girls aren't seeking for the right thing... laser could be harmful on the skin.. and the side effect won't show up till years later... el-7een habeen habah 7ta elly ma feeha sh3arah shalat her hair bel laser.. though its existance for those who suffers from a hormonal issues...
Hatha rayy girls... sorry eth gelt shay against your beliefs :)

Me | Siempre
(F) (F)
Why I don't like shaving:
1. I cut myself
2. hair comes out in 4 days max
3. bikini area?

Nevertheless, a razor is a must in this cruel cruel world
Laser sounds smart yet too 'futuristic' for my taste

(I have a very bad feeling that Bush will win)
laser beam targets hair folicils that happen to be located within micromillimeters beneath the skin.. so in a way it is counted as a "topical" solution...
Is it weird that I like how wax feels when it's pulled off? I like that heat on the skin.

In a completely non-kinky sort of way, of course.

well I don't know if it's a myth or true, but shaving, in comparison to waxing, let the hair come out harder while waxing brings the hair back as soft as it was.

don't know if this is a myth or a fact.
Definitely a myth, Fawaz
Shaving is perfect for inbetween lasers!

I dont plan to struggle with hair problems all my life! So i 1/2 way done & thats why i like shaving now :)

Yes waxing & sugaring does remove dead skin, but you can use the body shop body scrub with a Morrocan loofa (from salonat).
Shaving cuts off the hair follicle from the middle so when the hair grows back it looks like it's darker but that's only because the middle part (thicker part of the hair follicle which is usually underneath the skin) is showing.

Whereas with waxing it pulls out the hair follicle from it's root so when it grows back it looks lighter but it's actually just the same as when it was pulled out. The thicker part is found underneath the skin and if you leave it, in time it'll grow out and you'll see.

Shaving, Waxing, Threading, and Epi-something (I think I read it on Rampurprle's Blog) and Laser (Grandma Funks' Blog) all comes with their pros and cons. It all depends on what YOU prefer =)
D&G, you're officially the hair removal expert!
3odna salimeeeeen

hair strand you mean..

hair follicle is a small anatomical cavity or deep narrow-mouthed depression
(Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

so technically, the root of the hair strand is attached or incubated within the hair follicile.. (imagine a turnip)
LooL Mawthooo3ich lool
Oops! Sorry about that. Yes I meant hair strand so I'll pass the title of "Official Hair Removal Expert" to W :P
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