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1. What will happen when Ramadan is in August? Would people still go to St. Tropez to party? Or do they go to St. T for Eid only?

2. Why are (some) bloggers freaked out when they find out that their identity is known to others? Do they fear that they will be judged for their inner thoughts and inner voices? If they fear judgement, then why express their inner self in public to begin with? I say a big dose of confidence & and a big 6UZ is in order!

3. Where does sleep go in Ramadan?!

(-Sleepless in Block 2)

1 - God help us!

2 - (In answer to your question ONLY meaning this in no way expresses MY views on this) Some bloggers like to blog because they can share their opinions and whatnot anonymously, with other people. The appeal is that nobody knows who you are so you can be as rude, funny, slutty, sweet, gay, etc... as you like. Personally, I'd love to get together with other bloggers but I'd doubt they'd go for it, mainly because they want their identity to remain unknown. It's not about self-confidence but more about our conservative culture, or so I think.

3 - Sleep goes to Never Never Land, derr!
hun (2) is THE most amazing thing I read :} I totally agree BUT add what D'n'G said its not mostly abut confidence more than the culture we live in.
2- Is there anything else in our society other than Judging others? really

The structure of our society is based on judging judge a person..any the way he looks...her weight...his car...her make up...his beard...her accent...his bank account...her education...his family name...her mother nationality....his tribe...her religion...his blog...her MSN nickname...

So why cant one - just for once - forget about his or her true identity and be his or her true self...without that shell or self image...imposed on us by our parents/society..etc

Why are blogs thriving all around the world if it wasnt for the ability to forget or hide the ones true identity..for just a little while and surrender to the true inner self?
One I read this I had this HUGE SMILE on my face looooooool
ill add more to what DnG have said and devide it into 2 things. there is so many bloggers who mention things or post things out that is in thier thoughts example You shebba . which i personaly think there is nothing wrong with it and no fear or what ever you call it if ppl knew you for real .

there are others who mention things they might be expirencing for example in kuwait or posting thier weired beliefs and these ppl who are trying to hide . you say what post ??! well i tell ya maybe they need a person to talk to .. maybe they need some feedback from ppl who they dont know just to avoid 7aachy il naaas . put in mind that kuwaiti ppl fehum balaghaaat shaaaf shay gheer tabee3ii .

Sheba Hope you love the Ducati Bikes ;) lol
6oz fel nas..

man raqaba annaso mata hamman....
speaking of sleep.. ana abashrek nemt at 1:30 PM.. awwal marra a7es inna thahree y5afeg

o men zood ilrajjah I used my inhaler twice... el7mdellah wl shkr bs :\
DnG: Well, culture is dynamic. Who thought we would be wearing tight jeans & short t-shirts 50 years ago? And if we all hide the changes that we're going through, then we'll keep blaming our 'culture, parents, society' for the hypocrisy that we have with in us.

Q80 Chill Girl: Thank you hun! Please refer to above & below replies regarding culture. But let me add that people make culture & not vice versa.

Anonymous: Thank you so much for your perfect expression of what I am trying to collect here. With reference to your last 2 paragraphs: YES WHY ARE WE SHY OF OUR TRUE SELF. If people do not accept us unless we come in a certain package or if we only fake that we come in that certain package (& meet their expectations), then 6UZ again. I am proud of me and every experience I've been through has made me.

Crappy: Glad @the smile.. We are all sharing our diaries whether they are a reflection of our thoughts & feelings or actual experiences to get that feedback 'comments' or to amuse people, or to outrage them into some kind of reaction. Yes we are social animals. I see what you mean that there are things that you do not want the whole world to know about yourself or your last weekend or whatever. But the fact that this is part of your life should not make you shy away from it. You are you, and if 1 person or 1000 people know what you were/are up to, that shouldn't change you nor your behavior, nor should they judge you, nor should you fear their judgment. In other words big 6UZ—do you really care? Bess ma malait min having 2 lives? A public one and a private one? Btw, I share more than what goes on in my head & I do sometimes feel that I am incriminating myself, but I'm fighting this fear.

P.S. I love bikes, had one when I was 12, have 1 burn & a broken knee. (& shlon ummee rethat ha? ;)

W: laish ma dagaitey 3elai, I slept at 9 am! I want to fix this! Shlon? Btw, inhaler ma ifa6er?
6b3an yfa66er..

laish el e7raaj? LOL
Sheba: What's your real name?
1) I can't believe how each and everyone of you avoided answering Sheba's first question. So I will... When Ramadan comes in August, we'll have a choice of staying put and fasting in the heat or going to Europe with cooler weather but longer days. Even in Beirut the sun sets at 8 pm in summer. I think the choice is obvious. But if we decide to travel, I don't think St. Tropez would be a good idea, because el deera killaha tfa66er!!

Of course some would ignore Ramadan altogether and just get the hell out of town

2) 6uz indeed!
3) Just switch off the TV. It's good for you
Easier said than done :(

Gigi, "socially"
Zaydoun, thank you for the thorough comment. Yes St. Tropez itfa6er indeed, so do you think we would get double digit 7asanat for fasting there?

Gigi, 6UZ attitude is like smoking, you cough awal marah then it grows on you.

W: ;p
a5er marra 9adaf ramathan ma3 el9aif kan 3ala wagt elmalek Faisal Allah yr7mah.. (I wasn't born then) Almost everyone (family & cousins) headed to Taif and it was *the* place to be during the holy month since the weather there is relatively cool (compared to Riyath, elshargeyyah o jeddah)

other than that, the summer holiday would be 4 months instead of 3. So those who choose to stay put during Ramadhan can travel before or after
Wasi, Ramadan was in the summer time when i was in highschool (85-89). You werent born then? Shit sara7a i'm too old.

Spent a few Ramadan's with dad in the UK (lo3at chabd) but i was paid to join him cuz no one wanted to travel during Ramadan. Ashwa the cook was with us and Tv was good.

In 91 (right after Liberation) Ramadan was around Easter time, & i went to Cairo. That was a BLAST! I think i would like to do that again. Sa7lab, al-7ussein, horse back riding fil fajr, & of course all the khiyam. A few of my aunts & cousins were there & few friends came from London too. AYAM!
Ineffable79, didn't ignore you, but too lazy to explain that although i dont mind if people I know find out who Sheba or plushness is, that doesn't mean that i will volunteer my name on line.
la knt 5 years old..

wsh bythakkernee? LOL
Sheba that's Ineffable's point (at least I think so).

You questioned why people freak out when their identity is known to others etc... yet when asked for your name, you chose not to answer meaning you're just like those people. What about the "6uz" ma "6uz" part?
D'n'G: exactly.

(esp. the "6uz" ma "6uz" part)

for some reason i remembered the whole "kha6 el sadaqa" incident..I was a kid then bs I remember how big that issue was

ya legf hal 3alam
DnG & i79:
I repeat from the post: Why are (some) bloggers freaked out when they find out that their identity is known to others?

Key Words: FIND OUT
I have not denied my ID, but i do not feel comfortable saying it on line & to strangers. The point of my argument is fear of judgement from those we know not from strangers. We usually are more comfortable telling our agony or adventures to strangers infact.
Sheba, fasting in St. Tropez would be a waste of money. Why go there if we can't indulge? No, I think an Arabic country would be better. Maybe Lebanon up in the mountains.
Please don't take it personally. I didn't meant o offend. I honesly couldn't care less about your name. It was just to prove a point.

You consider me a stranger? I'm hurt :P
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