Sunday, November 14, 2004


First of al happy Eid to all of you.

Happy today, and been in a positive mood for some time now. Sitting alone thinking about everything and everyone i saw and didn't see this Eid, this thought came to me:

Depression is a relatively new replacement for sadness and grief, because depression is modern and has a pill (or a whole cabinet) to cure it. Widows in the old days (in some cultures) would wear black till the day they died. No one gave them any Prosac or St. Johnswort (herb) to put them out of their grief but nowadays if you are sad for longer than the 3 days they call the doctor for valium and anti-depressants. Key word is depression. We aren't allowed to go through the motions of grief and if we do we're automatically said to be 'depressed'. If we were allowed to go through our sadness and if we allow time to heal our pain, then perhaps we can see happiness again. Be aware of your feelings, and unless you have no reason to be sad, and its chronic, then go pop a pill!

Inspired by: A friend who just broke up with his very long term girlfriend (go have a fling dear), a friend who is still not over his ex-girlfriend (9 years later), and a friend who is still inlove with the ex-girlfriend who dumped him (2 years later).

Message to the girls: Please be careful whos heart you break (i suggest you target the jerks of the world).

Note: the example of a widow in black was used because like PSS once said 'the end of a relationship is like a mini death'.

Happy Eid all:)

excuse me Sheba, but i think u r confused abt 2 different things: sadness and depression. sadness is something everyone experience for the loss of close friend or anything tragic it takes usually sometime and a person is over it eventually – also sadness has a well-known cause. depression, on the other hand is something with ambiguous causes – u r "off" for no reason or maybe for plenty of reasons that all together make u "hate" being alive and think abt committing a suicide.
but anyhow, to experience sadness fully or partially has nothing 2 do with having depression or not
of course i am not dr. frasier crane so correct me if am wrong ..

i was going 2 post an opposing message asking guys to break no1 heart as girls r too fragile but it came 2 my mind that guys now are much fragile than girls!
2 posts in a row:)
this time i would like to comment on the girlfriend-boyfriend type of bond. i do not think ppl involve in such a bond and take it seriously r mature ones. much of that coz it is socially, religiously and ethically unacceptable form of relationships. its common and no1 can deny it but that wont make it acceptable.
rarely, it might be acceptable temporarily and as a "transitional phase" when 2 r in love and for reason they cannot get marry.

["unnecessary comment": excuse my language its too forceful and just recently the referee sent me back my article asking me 2 rewrite the conclusion section as it was too "forceful" – obviously i cannot get rid of it]
Hi :) interesting post & happy 3eed to u too.
I quite agree with Anony. There is a big diff. between sadness and depression. When you are sad usually there is a reason behind it; an unsatisfactory love affair, family problems. Financial problems etc.. Or even a sad memory. You become sad for a while till your over it and you move on. Depression however, could come to you with not warning at all and for apparently no reason. I will not go into more detail about depression cuz I’m not really an expert & it’s a very large topic. But they are defiantly different :)
mini death, that's the word I've been looking for.Thanks!
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