Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Bow Tie at Sultan Center

3:30 pm, Sultan Center, West Market.

In my track suit, lemony face, & yesterday's mascara, hair unbrushed.

Running through the disposable isle looking for doilies, i look ahead to see if my cart can pass, but discover that it will be difficult because ahead of me blocking half the isle is a man in a grey suit and a red bow tie. His face was flowing out of his collar and on to the red bow tie. Red bow tie.

5 Minutes later, i find him infront of me again in the detergents isle, asking me where the sweets are (in Arabic). Red bow tie. Trying hard to keep a straight face, i pointed to the back of the supermarket to show him where. 10 minutes later, i'm picking up darabeel, i see him again & he came to show me his purchase of darabeel, asking me 'this is a Kuwaiti sweet right?', almost laughing this time, i said yes it is. Red bow tie. Mistaking my hidden giggles for fatal attraction, he asks 'and what if i can't find the sweets isle next time, can i call you?'. Red bow tie, face overflowing. Bess, eyes almost tearing but still restraining my giggles, i said 'la you can't, but i just wanted to know, why are you wearing a red bow tie?' Red bow tie! He said, 'its a tie, like a regular tie and can be worn like one too, there are many variations of ties. Red Indians wear leather and metal ones too.'

this dude is so from outa time, maybe he came here by a time machine..!

sheba how is ur granny? i thought about her today..
Bow tie! and a red one !!!
heehee :p

I know the type :D who think they are hip :} you see I have one explonation for this state: they (in this case the RED BOW TIE guy) were hip in a stage of time & their sence of fashion stopped there, along with logic :D.
Lemony face (ya3ny wayh asfar?) loooool only way to go out is with a lemony face ;)

Red bow tie dude maskeen. Help the needy! Since he was brave enough to ask for help for groceries and stuff you should've taken the next step and actually told him what you thought of the red bow tie :P
UzF! Yes! He did look like he popped out of a time machine, cuz even when he was trying to 'raqimnee', it seemed that he was not aware of his surroundings nor the ettiquette of supermarket flirting.

Grandma is good. Thank you for remembering and for asking. You have a big heart, i hope life doesn't change that for you. She's been going everyday for her radio therapy and i can see the improvement Thank God.
Lemony face ;S wew i didnt notice that the first time! LOL

a/way good to hear about how ur grandmother is doing, inshalla fully cured soon.
Can’t remember when bow ties were in to go to the supermarket in. Must go through an encyclopedia for fashion history!
Na3am na3am (wayhee leymooni asfar). Needy? Confidence is a gift from God!
Merci Kteer J
I wish i took a pic of him
sheba: ana weddey a3aref entay eshloun e6e7ien 3ala ha alashkal??
maybe he just wanted to be different or he was hosting in khaima ramadhaniya .. the indian guy in the apprentice looked cute in his bow tie
Nano: ma sheftai shay!
Geo: hehehe funny
Does ignorance count as a gift from God as well?
hmmm i do not want to see what he would be wearing for a formal night thing.. a tux? or maybe a matador outfit!
sheba, supermarkets flirting was so common when i was teenager but i do not notice guys do it anymore.. anyhow, what do you mean "etiquette of supermarket flirting"? .. is there any set of rules ot filter in supermarkets and different ones for the malls or car/street filtering ..
my golden rule was not to be pushy and humiliate myselgf
anyhow i would like to hear a little bit more abt the "etiquette of supermarket flirting" ..:)
oops that was me posting as anonymous 3:20

Eid Mubarek! :)
Ignorance is a gift because the ignorant need only follow the enlightened ones.
I love metadors & their suits (perfect bodies), but i dont think he would look good in one.
Supermarket flirting has to be subtle, you dont know who the girl is with or who you might bump into! Personally i find it fun, but i don't know how it develops.. I am not into meeting total strangers :|
It doesnt have to b hip in supermarkets, he has to like them at a point of time think he is hot in them then wear them for the rest of his life ebkel mukan.
After that comment, I view you in a totally different light, Sheba.
Anonymous: Interesting, how come?
For the love of GOD! That was me posting as anonymous by accident again.
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