Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Work is a Blessing

Yes it is!

I'm on the second day of my vacation and i'm beginning to see how and why some people have anxiety over their existence in this life. They feel guilty, aimless, useless, and/or futile-- hence addictions and insanity. Those who do not fret about who and why they are, are probably too simple minded and/or too busy.

Hey! heeyyy, just wait a second.... I am overwhelmed with stuff at work, I practically live in my cubicles and yet I feel pretty much insane?? how come?? Insanity is open for all, it's free of all forms and restrictions and everyone could become addicted, crazy, mindless, etcetera... see I have already lost my mind but still work in a good company in addition to being in a managerial position, now how do you explain that?
Your life is not balanced. Maybe too much stress is your vice? You have to find a balance that suits you. Think of a satisfying day and investigate what has made it good?
Partying in Dubai!

wooooooooooow wooooooooo

In Kuwait: mmmm, (long silence), *still thinking* I really can't think of any satisfactory day in KW. Honestly. Satisfactory moments, yes. But a day?


No Ma'am.
Something wrong, your only satisfaction is in partying?
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