Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Wasmo, lat7ereeni! Cham marah agoolich i was there to work, & by the time i come back to central paris its 7 or 7:30 pm

Bess ashwa i had 3 hrs to spend at the shops on Saturday, bought 2 evening dresses & 1 rabbit fur sport jacket out of my huge list. Prada perfume & creme, Stila perfume & creme, & make up: Stilla pallet 3ajeeba, MAC AIDS foundation pallet of all their Viva glam lipsticks, and of course i took your recommendation & bought the glitter liquid eye liner from MAC. WASMO i wore it to the expo thinking it was a subtle shimmer, bess 6ala3 chinny ray7a night club in the middle of the day :p

Paul & Joe was 3ajeeb bess ma midani i shop from it :(

Oh & please forgive me, i forgot to pick up the SATC 6 from HMV at heathrow, but then again, i forgot everything else there as well :/

Love ya girl, hope you're feeling better. I think you should switch to European men, btw.

European men "abso-fuck-lutely" 3ala goolat mr. big
Geo, add me to your msn list if you have one, we have LOTS to discuss!
Hi darling

thank you for the post!! love ya to bits.. and yes europeans willa balash...
I feel discomfort in my stomache when I hear about a girl buying make up .. dont know why !!!
makeup is beautiful.. its artistic..

and each girl has her own signature.. yakhe khalona f 7alna 7atta fel makeup na66aito f 7loogna?

Crappy, why? Are you like these guys who say they hate make up but love it when a girl is all decked up?
Europeans don't "wash", they "wipe"
Love you gurl!
Fawaz, we can teach them :p
hahha please, shinno europeans a7san min meen ya3ni?? ma fi shi heik, wallah, there are gems in each culture - peace
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