Thursday, September 15, 2005

My Idols!

I fell in love with London all over again.

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hmm..WHERE IS LAMA ? shno 9ar??
Lamo sarat nun
LOL, Sheba welcome back
Glad you had a good trip Sheba. Looks like London agreed with you! :)

“Saffie *DahLing*, Patsy hasn't eaten anything since 1974!”

Glad you enjoyed London :-)
Thank you dear

Ms. Baker,
Absolutely! How are you girl?

Sweetie dahlin sweetie dahlin.. My cat's name is Saffie!
Shaeba *Dahling*: I Say! too bad I’m allergic to the furry creatures!
welcome back

Been waiting for your call!
oH My! Patsi and Adina are my hero's, welcome back :)
I used to watch AbFab videos so much that my son (then 2) ran after me one day in Sultan Center, screaming: "Sweetie Darling! Sweetie Darling!"
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