Saturday, September 24, 2005


I hate this template, its too 'chicken nuggety' & 'non-dairy creamer' but its better than that clinical white one where i wasn't even allowed to change color of the font!

Wasii, miss you, wainech??

btw, W (aka Wasii) has found a job, tef tef masha'Allah. She's been unemployed since she graduated in 1989.

I hate this template, too! Go get a dark one, They are easier to read. ;)
sheeeeeeeeesh now i lost the color too :(
Design your own or use an existing one and change settings.
ma 3araft, i'm a techno dummy
I know, so ask someone to help you.
:/ aste7ee
wasii graduated in 1989? when she was 8
Sarah haha i was EXAGGERATING
Ok, at the risk of sounding totally un-hip and stupid - could you please tell me what chicken nuggety and non-dairy creamer mean? Enquiring minds need to know.. :)
7elwa ast7eee :P go ask.
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Dear Sheba,
Pass this message will u :



Your buddy,
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