Thursday, September 01, 2005

North American Tsunami, KATRINA

My GOD! The scenes! Sad, scarry, horrific, sorry. Everytime i see the footage i feel sadder & sadder. The question reoccuring in my mind is why don't they build heavy duty houses like ours? Concrete and iron with heavy duty alluminium window profiles? Yes its expensive, but this damage, i am sure is a lot more expensive and hurtful. Moreover, in earthquake countries and areas (Japan & California for example), they have special specs for their buildings, so why not in hurricane prone places?

Oh btw, i'm gone for a week, back on sunday 11/Sept.

I do hope not to blog :)
belsalama shabshooba :)
have a good time off, and you ask a very important question...I've always wondered why the building codes don't require people to build structures that withstand the weather they are likely to get...thing is, a lot of people are too poor, and a lot of houses were built a while ago. Allah ysa3idhum, it is a disaster there..
It is terribly sad isn't it :/ And That's a very good point u got there!

Troo7een o triden bissalama inshallah :) Have Fun!
Ever wondered why the houses situated in snow capped mountains are always made out of wood? The answer is simple, no reinforced concrete can stand against the avalanches; and the cost of rebuilding concrete homes is even higher, therefore its cost wise to build homes from wooden material. Same applies to hurricanes of greater magnitudes manifested in Katrina, nothing can really withstand disasters like such. And now that they're thinking of abolishing the city of New-Orleeens it sure will make they're job a whole lot easier than if it were made of kharasana...bon voyague!
yes they cost a lot plus they don't need all this because of enviroments differences and the tsunami wasn't expected 7araaam.
anyway, bon voyage
I went to New Orleans with a dear friend 6 years ago. I loved it. I lost touch with that friend a while back, and now it seems New Orleans is also gone. Very sad.

Have a safe and fun trip sheba.
Have a good trip Sheba :)

betredeen Sep 11th?? =/ .. allah yaster.
New Orleans is below sea level, its the location more that the houses that really harmed them.
Have a wonderful trip Sheba :)
Cz Its expensive imagine u living in a 230 Sqm house .. would u have the budget to build a concrete house . also concerete in such small area will take more space , most americans need that space .

Goolay il 7imdelah 3ala kil 7aaaaal
Dear Sheba,

Good question. But the truth's not a matter of materials alone.. Look at the Superdome...buily with steel and concrete.. there are holes in the roof as the steel was blown off.

A Steel Oil rig was moved 60 miles inland and a Casino...made of steel too was moved inland and tumbled over on its side..

This was not just a windy day... it was Armageddon.

Your Buddy,
Missed you all!
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