Friday, May 06, 2005

Crush Over

Dear Bloggers (gay, heterosexual, modern heterosexual, & undecided), and Bloggerinas,

This is an announcement and please do not denounce me for it. But my crush on Mr. Financial Advisor is over! It lasted approximately 14 hours, 4 of which i was sleeping, 4 of which i was eating, 4 of which i was blogging, and 2 of which i was watching Tv/ talking to friends & chatting with Georhythm (she's SAS straight, available, & sexy btw).

Sheba r u sure you're not in denial? 8| Anyway I totally understand ur "Crush Over" 'cos it happened to me once..ok MOre than once :} ("What was I thinking?!")

la not denial, have frequent and short term crushes & this is how they go 'cute guy sighhhhhhhhhhh' THE END lol

Trust me, i say this now & i've said it before, it takes A LOT more than a flirty text msg to catch my attention, let alone sustain it!

But i dont want to reveal more about that lest someone (called bu bader or The Don) start calling me a brat again ;)
it wasn't a crush in the first place aslan .. it's one of those "you're hot but i never want to hear you speak again"
sheba i dont wanna sound rude but that's just too funny lol
Dear Sheba,

You ate for 4 hours to get over him...WOW!

What about futuristic? sh7qa eltafrqa putting me as undecided!
me medach "itnashfeena" :/
It's Ma midach
Sarah, lal7eeen you come here first!
purg, lai bachir, I can't help it. you jealous?
mo bes you come here first, your are camping here, checking comments!

not jealous, but reminding you of your sins :P
Purg, I thought no body would notice my little tent in here..
bas mashallah 3alaik.. fe6eeeeeen

Sheba, So yeah I'm camping here :) and purg keeps making fun of that
little! ok if you say so ;)
3al baraka :)
Crush over ,, iseer khairr ,, !!

No Body counts the hours ,, unless they are .. kamlayee ya 7athYee!

you see you can`t just say that the crush is over ,, intay mo computer ! Jihaaaz ?? ON OFF ?? YannaT il Marra !!

ana agool iklayee waraq 3anab ( Ma7shee 3ala gollat yadete) oo chood Yet3adal raasich ,, ;P

il raYaaal shakla shaYeen 3adiiil ;P
That sounds relief
Geo, kinda but not really.

Uzf, laugh thats the whole point

Sarah, for some reason which i still don't know and sometime between my blue berry cheescake and vanilla chocolate log, i realized was turned off.

And 7ayach Allah sweetie, il beit beitich o nawar ib wijoodich (i am flattered & honored) :))

Misguided, No i ate for 4 hours because its Thursday. Lunch lasts from 2-6 pm :p

Purg, whats a futuristic man?

nooni, Allah ibarik feech :>>

BB, shasawee? i can't control these feelings! So how was your weekend?

nunu, hehe 7abeebti lat-7ateen, as silly as i sound sometimes, i always come out okay :)) Thank you for worrying ... but are you naturally the worry type?

me, no need to explain.
My weekend? walla mako ... ri7na salamna youm al arbi3a kal 3adda 3ala i3wair oo izwair wil minkiser willy ma feeh khair, chaan na'7ith Gashnaa oo inroo7 il shalaih // i bough my designer swim suit "brief" but as you know nizal 3alainaa '3athaab ma i7ooshna illa bil weekends 7ag il kidar, fa mako ghair 7awalii for some games 7ag my Nintendo Game Cube //without Mario, i die!

oo 3ala radity to il shalaih a sweet sweet phone call rang "my baby" fa i had to go back and have a lil chatt fa gilt '3ametha fashlaa aroo7 eed wara oo eed jidaam fa i bought'em a nice VAnilla Creme min *bucks 3dailiya oo bas kilma ihny o kilma ihnaak chaan arja3 il shalaih. ooo salamtich

ee and for the record // the game i bought was Star Fox ... 7adhaa cool // shasawee ya rabyy ?? there is a baby in me! i love video games!
"ri7na salamna youm al arbi3a kal 3adda 3ala i3wair oo izwair wil minkiser willy ma feeh khair" LOL

BB, you sound so much like 7abbaba!

Sheba, zain sawaitay! you know what, I'm very moody I could change my mind in a second! so, I understand :)
Sarah loool ,, la it3aYbeen 3alay .. khoo hatha ana ,, o allah yer7am 7abaaBaa i sure did love her .. kisses to you and to her.

LooooooooL i feel embaressed !!! ahahahahhaahy
Sheba.. LOLOLOL.. you made me crack a big laugh in the office, the coworkers are looking at me weird, wanting to know what made me laugh this hard.. I can see that I (we) left some kind of impression on you.. I never called you a brat, but really had the pleasure to forplay (teasing wise) with you.. you are a sweetie.. despite the penis envy.. LOL :PP

Hugs.. LOL, you really made my day today.. You make me wanna be naughty.. (again teasing wise)

I'm wishing you a wonderful day, as you made mine.. ;)

hmm things arent adding up, i think theres the other kind of modern men around here
What did I miss??!!
I was hoping there'll be more MR. Finance!
*more "on" mr. finance
Zaydoun, ra7at 3alaik..

hehehe. Shurouq, I was gonna say, there are tons of Mr. Finances in Kuwait, open the newspaper o 6ubbay o takhayeray.. LOL

but you held it together with the "on" hehehehe :P


So you have a vanilla flavoured chit chat ;)


la wintai isaja, kilma ityeebni o kilma itwadeeni :p

The Don,
Hehe, 3aqadtooni, & i had a good day too, thank you :>

Mr. Finance iyanin bess seriously, i'm attracted to 2 types of men:
1. The sensitive type
2. The type A guys (assertive, succesful, etc.) which Mr. Finance falls under.

BUT i think i can live with the first type because they are more 'in tune' with me. For example, if i talk about jewelry, they will listen. If i am PMSing, they understand. They remember birthdays, send flowers, are sensitive, will cry in front of me, etc..
Ops i posted b4 completing. Yah so, i dont think i can live with the type A personality.

Oh & Zaydoun, umm you didn't miss a lot :p
crap what did i miss!!

SHEBA!!! its been a while!! whats new?!!1 please call me jawali almost maf9ool.. and I'm currently at my aunts.. kinda experimenting a bit ;p

anyway,, call me if you can.. update me.. whos mr financial guy??

miss ya...miss Riyadh.. miss a lotta things come to think of it :\

quick update: I'm officially broke and my gym subscription ended.. other than that ana "3ala 7a66at yedek" ehm ehm

ya far7tee
ma amdaak you start 3ashan u end it!!

GO BACK ya bint "experiment" a bit!!

or how about you come here and do some experimenting ;p

just finished Nip/tuck season 2.. much better and more interesting than season 1.. and wilder!!!

Sheba.. go watch it pls
Sheba, NOT really NOT really!!!
Shebaaaaaaa :(

yullah post
Sheba! zain etsawen! ur post reminded me of myself! once upon a time there was this girl, ME, who had a crush on her personal banker. He started flirting through sms, I flirted back! BIG MISTAKE! The SMS relationship kept going for 5 months until I was like MAN this is crazy and stopped replying to his SMS'
Just when I think, "Surely this person has reached and encapsulates the limits of Internet tedium" you go and push the boundary even further. Rumor has it that you are almost incomprehensible in person (as revealed by your desperate urge to babble nonsensically on message boards.) No doubt, this rumor is true.

Thanks for your contribution, but if I had wanted to hear from somebody with your IQ, I'd be at my local supermarket talking to the vegetables. If ignorance were a disability, you'd get the full pension. Oh well, at least you only charge what your free advice is worth. Oh well, as the late Douglas Adams said: "You live and learn. At any rate, you live."

Reading your post is less interesting than watching paint dry. If wit was spit, your mouth would be drier than a shallow well in an African heat wave. I bet you thought it was just coincidence that your parents had the same surnames before they married? Maybe you wouldn't read like such a pathetic loser if that pimple on your ass hadn't turned out to be a brain tumor, or if you didn't have a face that would give Freddie Kruger nightmares. Who am I kidding? You would.

Finally, take a look at this map. See this little tiny island, way out in the Pacific Ocean? That's where the people who care live.

You are bitter & clearly jealousy reaks from you post.

I pitty you..

Moreover, I pitty whoever decides to share his bed with you (...People like you should come with a disclaimer patch on their ass

"Proceed at your own risk"
For shame, anonymous. Wallah *3ayb*. It is too bad that you felt the need to vent at Sheba's expense. What a mean-spirited comment. So genuinely sad and most unfortunate.

Really, although I haven't felt much like blogging or writing for my blog at all recently, I just could not remain quiet about this. Sheba, I know you will laugh it off. Hope everything is ok with you :) :)

Maybe you should turn off the anonymous...It might be a prudent idea tara...
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