Sunday, May 01, 2005

Push Ups!

The first generation of Wonder bras promised us a cleavage, but they never mentioned the risk of suffocation.

I was at the gym on Friday and it seemed like it was Dolly Parton day. As i was expressing that I am feeling self conscious, to my cousin/friend, he said 'I am simply unconscious'. Hilarious!

Well the day continued to somehow steer in that direction.

Later on, after dinner, another friend tells his story of how important he thinks breast size is to him. Which i think was inconsiderate, because we (women) never talk about men's sizes (when we're in men's company) for 3 reasons:

1. Its rude
2. Its inconsiderate (to those less fortunate beings)
3. Its inconsiderate (to those less fortunate beings)

So his story was that he was mesmerized by a girl he knew for 2 years, until one day he was disillusioned by the fact that her push up bra was filled with water balloons. How he found that out, we still don't know. (We still don't know, but it is to be continued).

if he was inconsiderate i don't see the problem why you should be considerate or maybe just asked him how

Huge breasts are so ancient Sophia Loren 1955 or yuccky Pamela Anderson inflated airbags.

Big breasts work better for men than women.Arnold had the biggest breast in he is the governor of California.Pamela Anderson had to deflate her airbags.just to get a role in the new sitcom caled "Stacked"

Tell that guy to relax...ANY girl can have industrial size glands these days.and if he doesnt approve of his girlfriend or wife tits he can sell some of his stocks and buy two sets of Titanic for her.and one for himself so he can appreciate them as much as he wants.
and bounce off the floor when he trips while staring at girls breasts.
Geo! chill, it was all for fun, as is this post :p

Anony, LOL
i love Sophia Loren, i think she is the most beautiful women i have seen (beautiful color, legs, skin, color, hair, eyes, & very classy). Pam anderson was a fake, and very ugly and trashy.

ROFL on industrial sized glands

thanks for your support of the less fortunate :>

And yes i do agree, smaller breasts are more classy, and you can never tell the age of a woman by them :>
Big breasts scare me. No, seriously. @_@

People who measures beauty by the size/shape/weight/colour of other people's bodies won't have any lasting relationships because our bodies are always changing. People get older, might lose/gain weight, go bald etc.. but what remains is their personality.

Besides, it's not just rude to talk about breasts when women are around. It's rude to talk about other people's breasts period! Or any other body part for that matter.

LOL, i can see how they're scary, but why do they scare you?

Are we just used to a certain size?
How do men get their preferences? From their mothers? First GF? Now thats a scary thought!
Enough already, breats this, breasts that, big breats, small breasts, im sick of this! Women are either born with them or not and they say nothing about who they are!

Toes on the other hand are the windows to a woman's mind, soul, intellect, you can know so much about a woman just by looking at her toes. Now that is a subject worth blogging about!
I hate huge breasts they'll mess up your looks you wont be able to wear one of those trendy tops! and yes they are scary!
What would push a girl to get a boob job??? I mean they're not even comfortable! how can she sleep or walk or work out? doesn't it hurt when she bends over? I'm imagining how heavy they are :S
Sheba, it only takes a handful.. you can do with a handful the same thing you do with double Ds.. It’s not like you can fly with the double Ds or something..

Bu Bader, Kudos for bringing up the toes.. I look at a woman’s feet right after looking at her eyes.. it’s how I measure beauty.. I mean if she had beautiful eyes and then I notice she takes care of her feet, like wearing a toe ring or a chain. You’ll see a big grin on my face.. :)


Bu B, & The Don,
What if the girl you like has ugly toes?
Bu Bader, The Don.
I look at a man's feet some times befor even looking at his face. YES! he needs to have clean toes If he does, then I'm sure he's neat and that's really important
hehehe '6a7aktoony wallah... now big breast are motha qadeema now paris hilton in the new age style.

ee 3ady you should etbe6een chabd hal walad and talk about breast sizes and how u hate big breast specially if u have one ra7 yeste7y 3ala damah o yenche3m.
hehe nooni,

Awalan it was light hearted suwalef. Thanian, if i say anything negative about big breasts, it would only indicate that i am jealous :p
Sheba, ugly toes is a no no!
could somone reject a gourges lady just because of her toes? hmmm maybe she was lazy to do her pedicure that day....walla the male brain is such a puzzle to me! water balloons sounds like a very clever idea! See how resourcefull some females get! Better than stuffing tissues and other uncomfortable stuff in your bra.
I would be worried about an accidental leak, or maybe when they moved out of position to give the girl a cross-eyed look.

And Sophia Loren IS gorgeous - big breast & all.

Sheba wain Nowair 3an sewalfich el youm? We need to know how her opinion ;)

Very intersting post

I look at men's feet and shoes too, hands and finger nails, and I may add the way he walks . Is he walking with a staright back ? That matters too !
And for ladies . I think larg breats don't really matters now I think a woman shall think about having firm attractive body rather than larg breats !
Sheba, you said it.. if I like the woman, then I don’t have a problem with the toes.. but what I tried to explain, that like many guys look at women breasts, and some look at the woman’s bottom to measure her atractivness, I find women’s feet and toes are part of the attractiveness.. and if I see beautiful eyes, like many others that would look at the breasts, I’d be looking all the way down hoping she has open toe shoes on to see how pretty are her feet.. it’s just me.. I don’t care for the breasts or the bottom, I care for the toes.. :)

JuSt Me.. hehehe.. you are not supposed to try to understand the male brains.. No book will teach you that, and vise versa for the guys.. just be who you are.. not two people are a like.. Don’t generalize, you’ll always end up finding that kil qa3idah laha shawaath..

First they tell you size doesn’t matter. And next they are like: babes, don’t you think implants are a good idea?? :-)
lol this is more fun than anticipated!

Just me, Oh well, what CAN you say?

Jewaira!! I hate Nowair, you know I do, & i think i saw her look alike at the gym! Yukh!

The Don, Bu B,
Yes, i agree cute, clean, toes are cute. On both men & women. But you guys might have a toe fettish :p

Blossom, Absolutely. The way a man carries himself is VITAL!

Btw, the bigger the breasts, the most likely it is that gravitiy will get to them faster (now how about that for a thought).

The Don, I have stopped trying to understand men. I just get more & more confused & you're absolutely right, we are all individuals. Although i must say, there are some basic generalizations that one can draw.

Anonymous LOL Absolutely!! (P.S. why are you hiding behind that anonymous option?)

I like nice healthy teeth 8)

In your attempt to understand men , I recommend this book:

Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know

by Barbara De Angelis
Take it from me , I've got experience and I'm WELL ROUNDED currently 36 D .

Sheba , you envy moi !!!

Others - listen up . Most men i've encountered either through work or socially want to get under my blouse !!! i feel disgusted honestly sometimes that , what there attracted to is my BREASTS !

Like i would want to get under their dishdashas !!!

BUT i must confess being a 36 D and when i go shopping i'm always asking for a bigger size top ! and the saleperson is like 'your lucky , i wish i had that size ' !!!

Later in life , definitely get a MASSIVE REDUCTION !

I dream of wearing a push up bra , but as some of my freinds tell me 'uhma 6abi3ieen push up '

So , i'm also confused why women would want to enlarge their breasts !!

Well just my thoughts .....

Welcome to the blog ;)
Hii ,, Hope ur well .. ;)

Ummm ,, about the issue ,, its not that big of a deal & that guy who was hillusinated with Ti... is just not in my list of a complete human being. and honey do not even think of considering dark thoughts about changing, reshaping, whatever ,, you are a better human naturally.

How He knew about the Baloons ?? We`ll lets just say .. " Upside down Your turning me " Diana Ross

Hope U got the idea !! ;)

with you joy and happiness ,, keep up the bad ass work bil Gym
i Wonder what Janet would do without Push-Ups !!

Janet Jackson (that is)
bora bora.. yet another great title to grab your money.. LOL
Ah, boobies.... I actually find it funny that people would be willing to place silicone bags in their chests that are filled with goo. Breast lifts or reductions make far more logical sense to me in terms of breast enhancement. Really, I don't mean to demystify the whole breast phenomenon, but they are meant for feeding babies after all. Sure they are emblems of sensuality, but in the end, they are meant for nourishment. Maybe that explains their primal appeal...

Queen of Sheba! I missed your blog! :)
The Don

You don't believe in those books? 3ad walla khosh book. I have another one called "Men are Assholes" . How about that? LOL
abi Klenix khashmiiiiiii thabe7ni

ya7leelich sertay itgooleen asshole ma asshole .. keeeewl dude sertay chicken nugget
Bora LOL,

I want these books. Actually, i won't read them, i would rather learn by experience :p

The Don :p

Good luck in China, take LOTS a pictures to show us!



Is your nose running from the dust or are you crying because of Sultan? Yebeelik safra!
bora bora.. now that's a best seller title.. LOLOL
BoraBora :)
Nothing beats experience. Reading helps no doubt in some ways but a book like Men are comment ;)
JuSt Me, EeWw!! =/
maybe ur the lazy one who does NOT want to do herself pedicure!! n the male brain is not a puzzle u just have to know how to deal with it n then u would get what u want ;)
i know im too young to say this.. specially i dont have much experience.. but life of others teaches u how to THINK b4 u do any further step in ur life "eb shakil 3am ya3ni"

It's not as it sounds :)
Here is part of the book's description:
It shines a light on certain types of difficult guys and offers women practical ways to change their interactions with them for the better or avoid them altogether.
marketing marketing marketing.. it's like the adds of get this pill and you could get a large P#n*s.. LOLOL
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