Monday, May 23, 2005


(Thoughts instigated by Paulo Coelho’s 'The Alchemist', a must read, or a must re-read).

I woke up after a beautiful sun kissed weekend, followed by a wonderfully planned Saturday evening thinking 'what is my destiny'? I know that it is not my destiny to drive to Sabhan every morning. I know it is more. In the book the author says that we all know our destinies as youngsters, but we forget them along the way. Along the way we do what is easiest, or we purposefully neglect our destinies so that we do not face the 'what now?' question and thus realizing the smallness of our lives.

I sat down to remember the dreams of young Sheba. There were plenty. She wanted to be a diplomat, a spy, a jeweller, and an architect, among many. She was always successful, she always lived alone in a small modern house, and someone would always knock the door to leave a baby at her door step, which she would take care of.

Amazing and VERY creative young Sheba, I like ! :)

Made me wonder about my destiny, hmmmm....
That book is amazing! when i was a kid i wanted to be sooooooo many things i am not now :) i guess its the way it is. dreams are a really important part of our childhood, but when as we mature, we start realising that everything needs hard work to achieve!!

nice post:)
"she always lived alone in a small modern house, and someone would always knock the door to leave a baby at her door step, which she would take care of"

That is exactly what I want
mmmm I'm trying to remember what I wanted to be.. mmmm

OK when I was a kid I wanted to be in ABBA..then I wanted to be a performer and sing "I can't help myself" by the FourTops because that's all I got to memorize from beg. to end. Then I wanted to be Lucy in the Chronicles of Narnia (the lion the witch and the wardrobe), Then I wanted to be Sunshine (yes the carebear, cheesy sa7?) Then I wanted to be the little girl witch in a story called "Allaymoona el3ajeebah",, then I wanted to be an NBA player... then I wanted to be a doctor and was so close to applying to medican school.. then mama got involved and had me swear not to persue this dream because she knew that I'll get bored after 2 weeks (she's right LOL) then I thought why not be a writer? and studied Eng Lit. for one year... (tra all the while I had been taking art classes since 8th grade - I had always secretly wished that i could be an illustrator.. but didn't actually imagine myself making an income out of it.. don't ask why) then persued interior architecture...

right now.. I donno whether to continue doing it, or switch to lighting design, or environmental psychology...

PS: My mom thinks I should be a politician... interesting eh?
Childhood dreams...hmmm. Many.

I badly wanted to be a fiction writer, a singer ( no voice), a symphony orchestra conductor and conduct the most stupendous rendition of Beethoven's Symphony No. 9: Ode to Joy. Until I realized that I was *not* a musical prodigy and would be old and gray before I even got close. Then, I wanted to be a grandiose theatrical actress like Vanessa Redgrave. For the longest time (and I sometimes still wish) I wanted to be an astonomer and an astronaut, to find life on other planets. I think this was because of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" - I used to wait on the roof of our house in the middle of the night for the cute aliens to come and pick me up. I knew I wanted to have lots of babies by adopting or having them myself, an animal sanctuary, and a cozy mediterranean style house. I never wanted to be rich funnily enough. I wanted just enough money to not have to worry about paying for books and feeding all these babies and animals, and also a farm to pick and eat the stuff it grew, and a great big chefs kitchen so I could cook away to my hearts content forever.

I have nor am none of these. Life surprises you. Maybe it is where you are taken or where you take yourself, but nonetheless, where you go is never what you expected. Besides, getting what you want in life is not the point. Not all dreams are your destiny. But some are. It depends on you, like your book mentions.

Its the wanting and dreaming that are important.
NWMH, so have you thought about it? Please fill us in!

F, yep A LOT of hard work but i'm sure its worth it :)

Sarah! Are you serious!? afa.. tawich it7ebeeni?

W, lighting- i love lighting. Don't get into politics they'll assasinate you.

MsBaker, May God lead you to your destiny. I am sure its a great one.
i used to (and still) dream about being an actress, dancer, & singer.
wala yhemmek.. ill be the next ingo maurer! ;p
imagine me a politician? i think i can be easily currupted... how would they get to me though...

OH WAIT..I KNOW.. they'll send FAISAL!!
Dear Readers,

Thank you all for your inputs.

May i say that this post is about destiny rather than then dreams we had as children.

Destiny is the purpose we have been put in this life for.

So what is your destiny?


luminous, & now what do you want to be?

Sheba - I emailed you a couple days back - it bounced back to me :( I will try again.

What can one *really* know of their destiny? And *should* one know? My own answer to your question is: my destiny did not follow what I thought it would ever be. It most *certainly did not* follow what I tried so hard to make it, no matter how hard I tried to force it to be so. And really, I thought that I could control it. It was so hard to accept that I couldn't. The more I fought against fate, the more I crashed and burned royally ( I am speaking of past experience). I did not relax until recently, when I realized that I only had the illusion of control over my destiny. And I actually felt freed by the idea believe it or not. When things are meant to be, when something is fated, it will happen whether you like it or not... it will seek you out when and where you least expect it and you cannot hide from it. And it can be the most wonderful thing you have ever known.

Destiny can also be so very kind to you. I have seen that in my own life. Things balance out in the big picture. Destiny can bring wonderful, unexpected things into your life. It mystifies me how things can often suddenly happen to me outside of my control, when I am just going about my life routinely, minding my own business.

Just remember, the more you fight it and think you can control it, the more you don't and the more you suffer. Control and knowing are an illusion.

( I sound like a Buddhist, tree-hugger, don't I? LOL! )
Destiny is what you cannot prepare for, but will always come knocking at your door. So, if you want to be prepared for it at anytime, install a door bell in case destiny knocks and you do not hear it.
ib kil basa6a ,, No Comment
I hope my destiny arrives to Riyadh safely today (bsmella 3alaih)
Yeah the man has a point :) I go with you purg, hehehehehehe and really concentrate on what purg said Sheba: "install a door bell in case destiny knocks and you do not hear It.", queerly others may say: "I create my own destiny", somehow you are creating it, by choosing what suits you, and what is not!. However, you might have no choices within, Or what will guide you to the right path. After all, each barrier in life will finally lead you to your own destiny.

Me hallucinating, and need my bed:/

Take care Sheba
& Stay Safe

I have The Alchemist sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read.. I think I've subconsciously put off reading it because I don't want to acknowledge the fact that my life didn't turn out the way I had dreamed..

Either that, or I'm too busy blogging to find time to read it!
Dear Readers,

Thank you again for your very emotionally intelligent inputs. It seems that we have been thirsty for this kind of contemplation.

Reading your comments, I felt i am not alone, i felt the presence of each and every one of you. I even felt the presence of the only person i know who actually knows his destiny and was not afraid to acknowledge it- MAD M2000.

Purg, your comment seems cynical at a glance, but i understand the meaning behind it.

Msbaker, it’s in the Omens :) The choices you made led you to your destiny. Or maybe it was a beginning to the achieving it, and i am sure you would.

Remember, when you really want something, the forces of the world conspire to give it to you. But there are many tests and hardships before that happens. Do not confuse these hardships with your destiny :)

Zaydoun, it’s an easy read. Probably the easiest book i read by Paulo Coelho, which makes you think again and again 'if it’s so simple, why have i neglected this for so long'. I must add that it is a very positive book, one which not only propels you to think, but also to act.

no it was not :) but if as you said, if you read it carefully you will understand what I mean.
Sheba - hmm. You are absolutely right. There is indeed a path to your ultimate and eventual destiny, and what you go through on the way directs and pushes you to it.
Dear Sheba,

May I suggest "The five people you meet in Heaven".

If you are in the "what's my purpose...where does my destiny lie" mood.

I found myself reflecting on my life and people I have met while reading it.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Hi Sheba,

Glad you were not writing much lately.

Don't get me wrong. I was on a 2 weeks vacation, without access to a PC. This was great, coming back and see you did not post much while I was away is also great :-)

Destiny? I think it all depends on your beliefs. Do you believe that humans are predestined or they have free will?
If we are totally predestined, then we have nothing to do with the paths our lives lead.
And if we have free will, then we are the masters of our own destinies. That's when we really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires so that our wish comes true.

PS: I think Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery would make a good reading with Alchemist.
How I love Little Prince...What an excellent recommendation.
"The Universal Traveler"
"Let life happen to you. Believe me: life is in the right, always."

-Rainer Maria Rilke
When I was little, I dreamed of discovering the true meaning of life & I would tell the world & there would be peace from then on, all over the world: between countries and between all people and, most importantly to the little girl I was, in my home.

Now, many many MANY years later, though the path has been crooked, I find myself working on just these issues, in every dimension of my life.

I do not have much Arabic, but here is a favorite: Wa Alaikum Al-Salaam Wa Rehmat Allah Wa Barakatoh

Thanks Sheba
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