Saturday, May 28, 2005

H & M

The hypocrisy of some people in this society never ceases to amaze me. Bu J, you cannot be more right about this.

A younger relative of mine was complaining that he cannot really fit into Kuwaiti society because he feels it is too materialistic, and he is finding himself in a dilemma: to ignore all aspects of it and become an outcast, or to conform. I had one thing to tell him and i hope i never forget this 'no matter what you have or ever will have, you are who you are. You are born into the family which you are now part of and to the parents who gave you life. Nothing will change that, and you have all the reasons to be very proud of it.'

I read this post twice, and still do not get how what you said is advice??
do u think he needs attention?? some guys do or say the weirdest things for attention... hug him more often ;p
I think he may need someone to listen to him, not just give hime advice.
purg 3adi sometimes you need female hormones to understand me :p

W, LOL kalba! Miss you.

Jewaira, don't we all?
Wasii, ALlah ishafee King Fahad. How's he now?
Sheba, I thought you were talking about the clothes store! I was thinking "H&M? Here? Where? When? Any good?" all this before reading the first sentence.. the power of retail :)
hey babe.. el7amdella he's ok now :)
Thats the whole point.

Need to talk to you big time.
call me jawwali maf9ool i cant call or txt
Sheba ,, is that the best thing you can say to him ?

u know this is not enough!
I can very much relate, and i'm still learning how to blend back in our soceity. In fact I wrote about this before:

Hey Sheba. Check this out, you got a mention here:
BB, what would you tell him?

Jandeef, Thank you for the links :))
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