Saturday, May 28, 2005

Not Another Saturday

1. You know how i hate Saturdays? Well, today isn't that bad. At least time is flying, and i am not tired although i woke up 40 minutes before my alarm and slept 2 hours past my bed time (i started a new job as social worker from 12-2).

2. I'm sun burnt, i haven't gotten a sun burn in 20 years!

3. I miss Bu J.

4. Don't you hate it when people tell you something when its TOO late to do anything about it? All you can do is get mad & bite your tongue.

and the best part is to blame them for it ;) you'll get over it .. no worries
fahmatni ;)
when will you be mrs bu J?
That sounds like a nice job
Purg, ha ha!

Jewaira, I can divert my phone to you. Yesterday 1 more responsibility was added: career councelor.
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