Thursday, May 05, 2005


Oh grow up Sheba!

Yes, that is me talking to myself!

For the first time, i spoke on the phone with my 'financial advisor', who i have had a professional relationship with (for 2 years), and whom i have never met before.

I have seen his pictures in the paper (& he’s seen my picture in the paper too). No he’s not famous, but he’s had one or two appearances. He’s dark and sexy, and he looks the silent type.

Yes, of course there is something more than professional there, and I know that simply because he gains NOTHING from giving me the very valuable advice which he has been giving me.

His voice was just right, masculine, but not harsh. He was jovial, and very professional.

And now i cannot get him out of my mind!

Before I slept, I wished I can talk to him, but of course I wasn’t going to call!

And beep beep goes my Nokia (God bless the Swedes!) and it was a message from him ‘Miss me?’

Note to any guy interested: Its just a CRUSH!

Just curious about your reply :P
HAHA Not Telling ;)
I am writing this story so that i can hear things like 'grow up sheba' or 'how can you lose sleep on a guy you never met & hardly know'.
finnish, not Swedish :P
Ahh i was wondering, then whats Erricson?
the coach of England, he is Swedish
It's very interesting how you know this guy, enjoy it!

what's with all "grow up sheba" It makes no sense, you are a grown-up and you need to spice up your life ;) He seems interested in you too ;))) YEY!
Yeah I can see it! you check her blog awal shay!
Oh well, i can't have it all (looks & brains) LOL

Not interesting at all. Its frustrating. But you know what, he may be a Richard Burton ;)

I knew i should have become a financial advisor, but the thing is no one tells you this stuff before college!
Ya sheba ow ya shebaaaaa
come on!
he is sooo interested in you.. He's thinking of you before going to sleep, how cute is that! and you can tell he's a (3ayyar) ;) "miss me?" ;)

*singing* can you feel the HEAT.. can you.. can you feel the HEAT..
*shaking it*

You're fine!

But i have to admit, some jobs have an appeal more than others.

Proffesionals who I wouldn't want to marry are the following:

1. Doctors
2. Teachers (yes even proffessors)
3. Pilots (captains, whatever)
4. Lawyers

E he's interested, but & its a big BUT:

1. I don't want to start flirting then get engulfed in a doomed relationship. (doomed = one that does not have a happy ending). And trust me, there is a very good reason why it would be doomed.

2. He has to do a LOT more than just flirt via sms to get my attention ;)
ma 3aleech men sarah she does not know what she is talking about, he is not interested in you.

As for looks and brains, I only know a few of women who have both.
invite him to the blog! lets give him a hard time
because of the big BUT (lol) Don't flirt back but you can always recieve laima itnashfeena >;)
haha Bu Bader

No i don't want to mis business with pleasure. And this blog is pure pure pleasure ;)

Plus, i should keep some kind of composed demeanor infront of potential men (ye3nee tekana) ;)
evil advice Sarah
Purg I'm telling her to recieve all the flirting and attention and NOT to give back! It's not evil..
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

LOVE YOUR ADVICE!!!!!!! umbai 3ejabteeni khalas will you be my new female best friend?
if only they knew what they are in for, THE RIDE OF THEIR LIFE!

its mind boggling how you dont have men falling on your feet. I think you put walls that dont allow potential men get to see the real you: a GEM embodied in a woman

A gem you cant buy at Damas or Alfaris, or anywhere else for that matter
*mis = mix

Bu Bader,

They see it, bess there is a new plague called 'COMMITMENT PHOBIA' amongst 30-something men!
Oh & Bu Bader, thank you for showering me with compliments & for the PR ;)
I musn't forget the 40 somethings too.
My pleasure :**
Because this advice is a two-edged sword, it can backfire, only an expert should attempt it. You are not the expert yet Sarah :)
The committment phobia is not among 30 something men, its among the people you are surrounded with, break out from your circle!
Purg, no problem!
since Sheba is my new friend, I'll be an expert in a few weeks :)
Sheba, do you know that he is a "MODERN HETEROSEXUAL MAN !" ?? LOL :P
The Don

Sarah, eee fala7tay :P

Don, yeah shft eshloon.
The Don, i guess heterosexual men are not sought after anymore by women. I remeber a day when us heterosexuals ruled the world. Times are changing my friend, but we have to stay true to our kind!

Heterosexuals till we die!
The Don

n/c or else i would reveal too much about this handsome hottie.

P.S. read my reply to you re. MALE EGOs on the previous post.

Bu Bader,

You sound homo phobic. I hope thats not true.

You're right, it is a 2 edged sword & i ain't no expert.

You can learn nothing from me, trust me, i am DENSE when it comes to matters of the heart!
Sheba, not homophobic i have homo friends and they are good people, you know that so stop with the low blows - no pun intended.

However, my phobia is of this spreding change in what women want out of men. They want a gay man who is straight. That my friend is what i fear; because it makes the pool smaller for us conventional straight men. Pretty soon our pool will only comprise imbarga3at, god bless their hearts
Sarah, see she said it herself :)
YESSSSSSSSSS! You got that right Bu Bader..

I do want a sensitive, kind, loving, caring, not egotistical straight man, who has good taste in food, music, fashion, art, furniture, etc.
weh weh weh !! ish hal 3ayaraa ???

ok ok ya bnayteee here is the thing // il cuteaaaa shaklaaa so in love ma3aach // remember the hair flip strategy?? honey honey its a must 7ata if ur not seen doin it.

ok // if and for any reason ur about to see him // play dress up and make em him fall into ur " grace " area which is a transition from mere friendship to seriousness. i know he already thinks ur hot Fa a double check wont harm ... Moo?

a song to relate to now is " lets wait a while " by miss jackson

imwafigaaa yaa bnayteee ;*
I love my iwzar and i aint getting rid of it for anybody!

Sheba, this takes me back to the point i was making yesterday of the older princess Vs. the younger princess.

Men shouldnt have good taste in furniture or be extra sensitive and caring! Thats what women are for! (i know im gonna get my ass kicked for this)

Let me ask you this, a thief breaks into your house, who would you want to get up a deal with the situation, your gay-straight man, who will try to bond with the thief, understand his issues and convince him to leave?

Or would you rather have a real man who will convince him with a baseball bat in leaving you two alone?
BB umm il kharab, but i like!
LOLOL.. Sheba, I read it, but I couldn't hold back my self.. :P
Bu Bader.. LOLOL
"who will try to bond with the thief, understand his issues and convince him to leave?"

this is off the hook !! LoOoL

Im telling you man, this is crazy talk. They want men to be women.

Im keeping my Iwzar! oo il Bingiz yammy oo bakil Machboosy Beedy.
I really love ur blog....U GO GRL!
Just me, dont encourage her:P
Im always right - as usual

I just read this post btw

next time dont deny it...please

just say are right as ((always))
And one more thing

11-12 year old girls get ((crushes))

and I thought it was just old fashioned gambling fever
remember when I told you if I was your stock broker you wouldnt be too busy....I'm so right I scare myself sometimes...this gift from God never stops to amaze me
LOL .. saaj BuBader who needs a man with good taste bacher enashibni ib kil 3ella a7i6ha bil bait .. khalkom 3al wzar o ayeeblik a gedo ba3ad .. it's a woman's job to dress a man up..
A note to bu bader:

BB is obo il kharaab NOt Umm il kharab ;) i happen to be male :)

NO hard feelings though ;)

Why are you acting like the jealous boy friend? And what are you being jealous about? A text message?!

Itha tebeeni all you have to do is be honest about it!
Bu Bader ...i really like this blog,its very intresting....sheba is very amazing in the way she express her self. i wish i had her gift.....p.s: gilt
Just Me,


Bu Bader, The Don,

No need to show off your manhood infront of each other. Testosterone stinks!

Naaah its just a text msg, dont read too much into it (wila some people will get very upset).
just try to be honest...try

when I say something and you know very well I'm do not deny it...denying it makes you a liar

this is my last comment here...dont bother replying
Sheba?? the guy smsed u miss me? ib 3izz il lail // im not sayin that he's head over heels but it shows. there is something ....

Anonymous // type this /me aksir il khaa6ir

ppl r sick

*wink* how you doin?
Sheba hun.. I thought something he said was funny.. where do you see testosterone in here ?? and no need to show off our manhood in front of each other?? hahahaha I hope you didn't mean it the way it seemed.. I don't think I wanna show off my manhood in front of anyone.. little more a guy.. hahaha

Sweetie.. it's all for fun, don't take my words seriously.. and if you will. Then I'll stop having fun with you.. I promise.. Somehow I see how worked up you get and its some how cute.. but I promise I’ll stop if you want me to.. :P


he was probably under the influence

The Don,

ikth ra7tek
No No No, dont give urself any further step.. u just have to keep urself happy wth this feelin' n do NOT give a chance to let anything happen between u n him.. u'll regret it believe me!! u'll be like "ya laitni ma sawait o ya laitni ma 3a6aitah for9a o ya laitni ma 3araftah o ya lait o ya lait..etc" =/
Oh grow up Sheba!
you're a woman. act on your impulses. feed your crush. so your body's craving attention and your mind is agreeing. or the other way round. either way. grow up sheba. you're a woman. dont shy away from your feelings. you don't have to wear an iwzar. leave that for bu bader ;)

nunu, don't worry i don't usually do things i regret-- thanks for the advise :)


The crush is OVER

eh adri masra3 but i was lonely yesterday i guess
Dear Sheba,

Note to any guy interested: Its just a CRUSH! = OPTION 2

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