Saturday, May 21, 2005

Just When..

Just when i think i know it all... I find that i know nothing.

Just when i think i understand people.. i find that i understand no one.

Just when i think i understand some aspects of life.. i find that i understand nothing.

It takes just one incident to confuse the hell out of me.

Must remember to never take anything for granted.

Good, remember
ummm ok 7abebty, its great that u know this about urself but let me clarify a point here:

u see i know that yes u know about ppl but not much which is great fa all u gotta do is remove confusion from ur list and simply clear ur mind off of things and just be urself with other ppl.

this will make things move smoother //
ya3nee mala da3ee ina if some1 was too nice to u // u'd say " abaih ya 7lailhaa bas madrii laish ihya ityanen ma3aye lai hal daraja?? ishtabee mini?? " no need for that // just accept the whole thing and say thank u instead // at least thats what i do ;*
purg :)

BB! Chinna u know me too well?
"Must remember to never take anything for granted."

very very wise.
Just when i think i know him... I find that i know nothing about him
وايد أحتر من نفسي
"Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in"
Just when I thought things couldn't get worse, they did.
sheba ,, loool .,,. i wish i do ,,

lakin i think ,, this is what mummy taught me ,, she said ,, ok dont think ina kil il naas have big white hearts like yours ,, lakin still dont think ina they are all evil ,., because kil wa7ed fenna has a good and a bad side ,, inta khalik zaiin ,, oo etha a7ad athaak ,, la itlawi3 chabdik bil tafkeer ,, bas wakhir 3anhoom ,, oo etc etc ,,

Sheba ,, were gonna have a lot of guuurl talk ihnee ib hal blog world LoooL ;P
yeah and one more thing ,, i know this is silly ,, lakin ,, im a fan of miss jackson 3alashan hal shay ,, she is kind ,, and i love that about her ,, a Quote from her " forgivness is great .. acceptance is even greater "

luv u janet ;**
The Don!

I was gonna post the same quote.
"Just when I was going to give up, I found a reason to hope and believe again...."

Take heart Sheba :)

This too shall pass.
I can so relate to this :(

Sheba, I'm sure the little bird told you how I relate to this :(
Just when I thought things were going smoothly.. FAISAL SHOWS UP!!!

Msbaker :) sorry i cannot say much these days.. i guess i'm what they call 'speechless'

Fawaz, yep the little bird told me & Allah i3eenik. How are you feeling?

Wasi, LOL OH BOY. Love u girl.
*two thumbs up to Mrs.Baker*

Gigi, approvingly :)
c`est la vie
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