Monday, May 30, 2005


I insist on a chubby or obese man, i feel they are more loving and caring. Note: by definition, obese is 10 Kg overweight or more.

يشوق المتبتب
و بعدين وايد يدللون ويعطون من قلبهم
na9ee7a miny dont insist;
i've met the worse obese men on earth an7as minhoum mako ..

but being a big person chenge personality in a way soften their heart THIS is something proven by survays.

But dont insist take it from me :) so you wont be disappointed.
nano, 7asa feeni!

nooni, of course there are exceptions
Do I fall in that catagory?

Yes, you're obese &
No, i do not insist on you.

Shm3na :P
Purg, honestly?

I like good boys (not hairy either) :p
Sheba- Is this your personal preference or just for the sake of argument?

I think being 10 kg overweight is not really obese in my book. That's just chubby. Chubby can be really cute. And I mean *really*. More attractive than chiseled Greek god types, which bore me to death quite frankly. Obese is over 100 kg for me I guess. And even then a man can have a very magnetic persona. I have to say that I do not find skinny men that physically attractive personally.

I really have no physical requirements. I think you can discount someone really wonderful who you might be very happy with that way. Better to just leave it down to whether you both click and are attracted to each others personalities and characters.

You cannot really dictate love, now can you?
Define good boys
Confident Boys with cute bellies (the ones that go over the belt) are adorable.. I still remember one perticular guy, I think his name is Badr whom I was totally attracted to..He was tall-ish (around 182-184 kitha) beautiful face and yummy pouty lips..and he had a rather muscular physique and the cutest karooosha on this planet!! kan widdi aroo7 3ndah and squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze it!!!

hal kalam lah more than 2 years..i still remember his face!!! LOOOL

a7azzin sa7? :p
I don't really favor obese guys, if I have to look good then so do they! (I don't like the skinny ones either)

But having said that I have to agree with MsB.. You can't dictate love, it hits you in the face sometimes be it obese or not :)
I believe that you can dictate love... it all depends on the person ofcourse and how much they have matured emotionally. Once you have, you tend to be more selective..

انا ارفض مبدآ الحب العمياني.. يقطه من حب يا شيخة! ما شيب روسنا غير هالحب اللي مدري من وين طلعلنا (سكنهم مساكنهم)

take me for instance.. if I see any *thing* (let alone anyone) that resembles a "Faisal" I walk the opposite direction.. simple as that..وحياتك صار عندي "فيصل ديتكتر" وهذا الله يسلمك يدور الفصلان الموجودين ويسويلهم "اوتو بلوك"
ومن حينها وانا مرتاحة

يختي ليش اغث نفسي؟
I am interested in seeing you talk and interact with people ya Kitha, you have a unique style :P
ask sheba ya Purg ;p
Nah Sheba has past issues with me, while you don't :)

1. Why would anything affect my description of W?

2. What issues do i have with you?
1) because you are not her, and it is not a description I was asking, but rather a comment on how she talks without any specifics

2) that is what I will figure out one day.
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