Monday, May 30, 2005


What compels some bloggers to post their pictures?

Note: Self confidence is a blessing from the gods.

I have no clue, are penguins offensive?
why not ? :P
Utter boredom.
Purg, No, they're cute.

forzaq8, kinda reads like 'i think i'm cute/sexy/etc. therefore i will put my picture up'. Its also kinda like walking into someone's office and he has pictures of himself up (wayed mu3jab ib nafsa) :p

sorry if i offended you, i haven't been to your site and don't know if you have a pic of you there not - i swear. So no hard feelings please.

Good enough reason i think.
Beats the heck out of me....

I personally like my privacy too much.

Bas kayfum..ish 3alay ana min ilnaas w' ish 3ala ilnaas mineeeeeeee....

On the other hand, it could be a need for validation, to prove that "I exist" therefore, I am" and the blog is the only medium they have/will ever have to do so.

We all have our little reasons for our blogs, don't we?
hey sheba // well i for one posted my pic // lakin i know and i dont have to explain further ina im full of insecurities. Alexis knows this very well.

lol this is funny lakin i have to say it , yaa3nee im some1 who's really open to others fa i dont have secrets to keep away awoo a secret identity to shov away. and the second reason is because some1 wanted to see how i looked fa i posted my pic.

umm being cute awo even nice isint in my dictionary " for me" i even posted once ina i never care for physical beauty // its nothing // something that fades " plato "

loool sheba u know how ana ibgara o killa details details details fa here i am ahathir 3alaich // and no ur not offending any a7ad ;P
bil 3aks :)
ya7lailhom wallah ywansoon I think it's cool :)
I wouldn't post my picture coz il salfa feeha 'gebayel' LOL but I don't think there is something wrong with people posting their pictures.. It's a way of self-expressing.
bas il mishkila that we live in a society where people judge everything and anything you say/do
I'm not saying that you are judging them, bas mojtama3na ma yetqabbal hal ashya2 lazim inteqadat
nah i don't have a picture of my self in my site , i just don't see no problem in having a picture of your self in your site , since most people who are going to visit your site do not know how you look :)
I'm presuming you're a muslim, "Note: Self confidence is a blessing from the Gods."
Seems alarming, but then again, without intent maybe.

No need to be alarmed. Yes its a typo. Gods should be gods.

Thank you,
sheba, you should check out then :p
Sheba.. I think "Celebrity" meant one God and not Gods plural

'Oh well' ;)
Loved The Celebrity, Sheba, Zaydoun triangle.. Hilarious!
Hi Sheba,

I posted a picture of myself lately!
I took a picture with a basketball player and I found it funny how short I looked next to him.
anyways my point is I think your blog is your space to express or share whatever you want...and if someone feels like sharing some of their pictures it's perfectly ok...I swear Sheba itha mojtama3ana mo ma3gad wayed I would have shared more of my pictures.
I just hope I don't come across like "I think I'm cute/sexy" category LOL :P
Yes, I agree with the need for validation or even reassurance.

Inta cute and ma tenlam if you want to put up a whole portfolio of you ;)

hehe tha7akteeni 3ala 'gebayel'

I presume its maskharat suwar? Like the pen pal pages of Arabic magazines?

;) hehe

Jelly B,
Ok Ok i can make you an exception too ;)
oh its hillarious!! ybeelna youm ng3ed o ntfarraj... tra wanasa when u have absolutely nothing to do
w. i agree on the hi5 thing it's so much fun
How can i post my pic .. ?!


ana monfa3ema bel 7ayat.. i just got back from the proud of myself!
yla post .
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