Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Kuwaiti At Last

I feel complete. Congratulations are in order for all Kuwaitis, Gulf citizens and non-citizens, Arabs, and Muslims. Women have been recognized as equals in politics in Kuwait.

Driving to work I felt strong pride. I’m proud to be Kuwaiti again. Actually, I am proud to finally be Kuwaiti. To have a say. To count. To make a difference.

This is a text message I sent to my female friends and acquaintances:

To all Kuwaiti women: Congratulations on our right to run and vote. I would like to remind you that the future of our country is now in our hands. We are responsible for voting for the right people. Let us not take this lightly. Do not depend on others to show up and hope that they select your representatives. Be there for you, your children, for Kuwait.

That's just awesome news! Congratulations :-)

This is the biggest victory for what we stood for back in college. And I congratulate you and all the women of Kuwait on this.

On a side note, and now that we're all equal and stuff, does that mean that the ladies will now change their own flat tires or would stop honking the horn everytime they are in a fuel station? ;-)
Remember to vote AGAINST every motherfucker who opposed your political rights!
Z, small comment, that word is a bit harsh, I have not seen you use such words to describe people who have opposing views. Another word could have worked.

Thank you. And the answer is NO.

Men have more muscles. Biology won't change. We (women) still have to bear children don't we? AND when we call for help, its a chance for us to feel feminine and a chance for you to feel mascuiline (how often does that happen now days?).

Zaydoun, i cut out the list today. How on earth Msalam alBarak voted against while he is married to Dr. Najat Abdulqader is BEYOND ME!

I think MF is quiet expressive (ibared il chabd).
Sheba, expressive yes, but as I said, not used to seeing Z in particular using them, always used to him being more responsible and calm in his own way in dealing with such topics.

So no criticism of him personally, or the view, but just the word itself.

Off to lunch
many congrats to you all!

a question though: are women allowed to run for office now?
Im a bit confused as what I REALLY want out of this ?! Does that mean men will not open doors for women ?? will that mean that men can be blunt and ' in your face ' attitude as opposed to being more of a gentleman ?

If we think beyond the capacity to vote and elect ..... what have women really gained for this step ?

Does that also mean that women with children get an allowance for their kids ? the KD 50 for each child or does it still go into the man's pocket ?

Anyway , I will await replies .
Alf mabrook :*

You bet they are :)
Mabrook ya Sheba :)
:* :* 3la khadoodich il7ilween :)
So wonderful!
Read my reply to Fawaz above.

Shurouq & Msbaker, Allah ibarek feekum :**

So who do you expect to see as female candidates for 2007?
Exactly. Sa7 lsanich, wa alf mabrook. :)
hiii Sheba ishloonich?? hope ur well girl //

umm alf alf alf mabrook ya bnaytee // umm i know how it feels to get all excited and having that much of power all over U // its great ;*

P.S: hon / u dont have to answer silly ass questions // u can always ignore u know? ;P

Purg - i got u some great Penguin pics from china and tahiland // i'll upload them as soon as i come back to Kuwait ;P
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