Monday, May 16, 2005


Why are people more comfortable making assumptions rather than coming out and asking you directly 'are you gay?' or 'are you dating so & so?' or 'do you like me?'

Are we afraid of embarrasing the persons concerned? Or do we want to act civilized and are not bothered with other people's business? Or is it more fun to assume (more gossip material)?

P.S. I Apologize for disappearing with out much notice. Was travelling.

Sheba // i dont know u personally lakin i did miss u ya 7maraaa ;**** kisses ( thats how i express myself fa plz dont be offended ) dont ever leave 4 a long time without telling // mo 3an shay lakin i was worried min wa7id hoola ihnee dash o sawa comment fa gilt he probabley contacted u oo athaach // but thank god ;**

anyway // min na7yat il mawthoo3 // being straigh forward is wayy better // i remember when i first met Alexis bil University gilt lah // hi ismee 3baiid // im gay // are u?? LOooL
I can't answer that. for one reason, I am a very straight forward woman but I'm not rude.
That is one of the reasons why I don't have many female friends, most of girls here are either shallow or shallow! well.. they do nothing except gossipping about anything and everything.. I know there are guys like that too. but I am not a big fan of other people's lives. so they're no friends of mine.

good to have you back :*
ببساطه شديده...اسهل...على فكره وايـــــــــــــــــــــد استانست معاك
BB baby!!! I missed you too!!! How are you sweetie!? Yes I saw that comment & I took the anonymous option off & i think i know who 'it' is and what exactly they're jealous off & i can't blame her for this reaction ;))

Sarah dahling!! You sound like a riot!

nano sweetie, me too!
Sarah :* good to be back
welcome baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

;) keefek ya 9abeyya?

Hey baby, thank you & thank you for your reply to 7ayzaboona (al7amdila wl sheker).

Miss ya gurl!
Hala wallah bil 6ash oo il-rash...ishloonich Shayooba, shimsowya, waynich maat bayneen, shakhbaar il-sifar weyyach!

Hope you had a great trip, glad you are back :)
OK, do you like me ? :)
Miss you tooo!!

la yhemmek tra illi ghayreen mennek ktheer... o 3ala gool elmathal.. elli mob gad el (..........) efhamooha 3ad
Welcome Back:D, Hope you had fun dear :D
And as for the anonymous posts, since ages, I've been telling you and some other blogger/bloggerina fellows, to block, remove, What So Ever, BAS STOP them, 'Cause they are sick minded they will NEVER CHANGE!!
Aham shay you had fun bel safrah :=D

take care
Stay safe amiga

HeY!! Ur BaCk!! =D
el 7mdillah 3ala el salama..
Welcome back nawartay el blogging world ;*
anyway, some ppl cant be straight forward not bcz they're afraid of embarrasing but bcz they DO NOT want to see the others reactions just not to feel bad about it..
Now kuwaiti ppl LOVE gossips cz most of them were born with a "big mouth" ;P
hi Sheba I hope ur well, and 1000 Mubrook for Iqrar 7qooq el Mar'ah :D

About the assuption topic, I think it's because people are afraid of harsh answers...some people might humiliate u if you asked them about their sexuality, no?
and BB you didn't tell me that literally, you guessed it 'cos I was obvious...we already had the answers ;)
I make assumptions to avoid intimacy, intrusion, commitment, rejection, admiration, humiliation.. you name it!

Making assumptions is my favorite sport.

El7amdella 3ala essalama
You've been missed
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Some people make assumptions not only because they are afraid of embarrassing the person concerned, but to avoid the embarrassment themselves. I think it's because making a false assumption hurts less than a rejection or humiliation. Others make assumptions purely for the sake of gossip. Their aim is to spice up other people's lives; in an evil and cruel intentioned way of course. They enjoy being the source of hot and juicy news.
I Like you Purg. ;)
umm umm, misguided, you know what the next question is on my mind, don't you :P
LOL Purg... See you assumed.... You should come out and ask...

Gibe the Sheba experiment a shot!!

After all... what do U have to lose.

Or are you afraid to hurt my feelings. ;P
nice update.. something that was pissing me off too!! I just wrote about it yesteday..

Why do people do that? are they afraid.. maybe?! of ur reaction.. I'd rather be straight forward with ppl than talk behind their back and i expect the same from them!
ok, are you dating? :P
Hehe amusing comments. Miss you all!

Msbaker :* how are you babe? I e-mailed you but no reply is everything and everyone okay? Thank you for your support (regarding shamless commentator on previous post).

Purg, don't know you to like you. But i do like your comments in 2005 (a lot more light hearted and fun). Hows that?

Thank you babe, i stopped them khalas.

Thank you dahling. Very true about the big mouths ;)

Alexis, Thank you & Allah ibarek feek! Very true about being afraid of harsh answers, but i would rather be asked rather than false assumptions are made on my behalf.

hehe. Know what you mean and thank you, Allah eslemich sweet one.

Salted Caramel,
Your nick makes me hungry! Yes i am guilty of making assumptions for fear of being hurt too.


Welcome to the blog. Sad username. Will come to read your post.

Purg & MG,
hahaha! mu layeg kilish!
Simple, you are more relaxed this year than last year, hence, I can comment without any reservations, you know how to react to me now, which was not the case last year.

As for me and him, well he started flirting with me, so I am trying to see what he has in his pockets ;)
Dear Sheba,

Welcome back. Congrats on yesterday's decision.

Purg, currently single. Are you coming on to me?
I would hate to assume... I rather just ask.
Misguided, la khalas :)
El7amdellah 3ala elsalama . About the assumptions, I think I will ask you directly only if it is my business to ask, or when I really need an answer. Otherwise when you give me a straight forward answer, you leave me no space to work out my imagination. That is need I can not live without fulfilling lol.
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