Saturday, August 21, 2004

Arrogance! has inspired me to write this morning! Was in a foul mood till i read his weekday prayer! O'right now, as i go thru blogs, i realize that as much as we bitch about Q8 & Q80s, we love being Q80 for many reasons: (1), for our sense of humour, (2) because deep down we do believe we're the best (which explains our angst when things arent perfect), (3) because deep down although hailag are a growing majority, we do believe that the non-hailags are canceling out hailags, (4) we are more Q80 than we are 'arab'& therefore are more independent in our thinking & we've liberated our selves from the false notion of Arab solidarity (thank you Saddam!), (5) our Crown Prince is black & his daughter eloped and modeled professionally & is still loved by her parents & (royal) family (no biggy, while our neighbors would kill for that), (6) gays are socially accepted, (7) we had a red light district way before we had electricity (called Rumaila i think), (8) we have the sound 'ch' and use it to replace every 'k' almost (chalb = kalb)!, (9) our cuisine & dialect have influences of Najd, Persia, Iraq, India, & Turkey and therefore almost impossible to pick up by non-natives, (10) 'bye bye landan', (11) we assume that everyone knows that Q8 is short for Kuwait, (12) we made it, as small as we are (~800,000 q80s), in several records: highest accident rates, highest childhood obesity rates, hottest inhabited area in the world, 2nd highest visa card expenditure in the world. (Note: can think of more of course but dont want to be accused of being too arrogant)

Goooooooooooooo Kuwaities!!!! Yaaaaay!

Love that Post, and write more, more, more!

Yes we you may be accused of arrogance, but we kuwaities are naturally arrogant anyway :)

At least we aren't arrogant & Ignorant (Like some nations.. ahem ahem).
yes, i do realize that #11 has nothing to do with the rest of the para, but too tired to change it :>
Damn straight, we are Kuwaities. Granted we have our problems but damnit they are our problems and only we get to complain and bitch about it.

You forget other greats:
Dana Nasrallah
Our Majils Al-Omah

I made some buttons of the Kuwait flag on KuwaitBlogs as buttons, even the classic red Kout one. Be a great way to signify who we are.
i'm from the US, and i'm sorry about how our retarded monkey president is acting, you can email me if you want, just go to my blogspot thing:
My reply to Sierra can also be found on her blog:
Hi there, read your comment on my blog & here i am. I'm quiet impressed with your taste in music & especially impressed that you're 13 with such great taste too!

Well Sierra, i have no hard or soft feelings towards GWB (the Pres of the USA), i dont think he's as stupid as the Country brings him out to be (he is a bad speaker though, but he got into office, so how bad can these skills be?). You do not need to apologize for your Pres. nor his government. I just wish the mass public in the US is more educated and that they would make up their decisions far from whats on Tv (i.e. far from what the media has made a scandal or a business of). What goes on within the US affects the whole world because it is such a powerful and large country with great people and great achievements, that is why everyone on this planet is concerned about your country. Viva USA!
Thank you for your kind review, I am glad you enjoyed my commentary. I am in the process of being introduced to your blog, I enjoyed the 1st post (Arrogance). But you did not mention that no other Arab nation likes us and you don’t like any of them except maybe Bahrainis and Lebanese.

By the way no entries 2day cuz I have the Saturday blues.

Nice meeting you

Over & out for now
I do not agree with the post.
I think most Kuwaitis appreciate the fact that they were born as Kuwaitis, and not as Iraqis , Bahrainis, Iranians or Saudis. Who are all less fortunante than us in various ways. People here love to compare and not til Dubai boomed alot here beleived that Kuwait is NUMBER ONE in the gulf - from football to the parliment we simply RULED. This fantasy world we used to live in has vanished.

The feeling of arrogance wouldnt have existed if Kuwait was in middle of Europe or eastern Asia. And we were surrounded by more civilized countries.

Its just sad that we can be SO much better , and improve in so many ways but most of us are just happy to be called A Kuwaiti.
MadM, you are correct our little fantasy world has vanished but before and after that we were and we still are Kuwaities.

When were in our time of "ghez" I was proud to call myself a Kuwaiti. When we were in the middle of the invasion I was proud to call myself a Kuwaiti, and even today I am proud to call myself a Kuwaiti.

And it is this pride that makes me want to achieve better and greater things for Kuwait.

Yet some people are happy to sit around and just complain and look at our faults without offering any solutions to them.

Those are the people who ruin Kuwait. The one that have lost hope and feel they can rest on their laurels while watching everything crumble around them that their forefather built for them.
your post is very true i always felt like this but did not know how to put it in words i agree with mosan on the behrainy thingy but not lebense please keep up the good words thanx a lot
I like the tone of the comments. Very reflective, tending towards positive, perhaps we should take being part of this country more seriously to attain continuous improvement. However, i do think that our society is not integrated enough to achieve that. I do believe that our schools & housing system should be more integrated so that different backgrounds of Kuwaities can interact with each other & with time be more or less on the same intellectual & cultural & behavioral levels. Meanwhile, we can just be nice to the rest of the country and try to be more liberal in our acceptance i.e. stop yourselves before saying 'i hate or i hate'
A very befitting title. Intersting how Arrogance and Patriotism is meshed in one, in most cases it is truly the case. As a Kuwaiti, I am proud of a lot of things within the country; however, there are COUNTLESS of things that are unique to Kuwaitis that "darkens the face" lets not forget to keep things in prospective. Nonethless, stereotypes they remain.

P.S. I was "delightfully" reminded by Fox that the US are building the largest US Embassy in Iraq. Ironically, prior to the revolution the US said that they are building the largest US Embassy then in Tehran. I beg to differ, from our northern borders right down to the outskirts of Khafji in the south, its US national soil. But I guess that makes us a 51 state, not an ambassadorial post, sorry.

--- a London commoner
Constructive Critisim is needed
and I stress on the word constructive
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