Sunday, August 22, 2004

The Best of..

Okay, here are some of my inputs on the best of anything that comes to mind (found in q8):

1. Savory breads at Bread Talk (to die for), at al-Bustan mall in Salmiah.
2. Lexus dealership (Al-Sayer), excellent customer service & nice lobby.
3. Cooperative societies. Yes its a very socialist/welfare notion, but we all enjoy its benefits.
4. Share3 al-7ub (Love St.) although i haven't seen any 7ub (love) in or on it, but for some reason its "shar7".
5. Irani bakeries.
6. McDonald's (its the best i think), any junk food addicts can contest this if they like, but the fries in Germany are better (probably have lard in their oil).
7. Best Winters.

to be continued..

Lists again, not again!
must be something wrong ! second place where I commented and I do not see my comment!

here it is again

lists again, why why!
True...we have one of the best Mcdonlads around. But they always mess up my order and forget to include BBQ sauce :| That makes me angry....very angry....I dont like sweet and sour sauce on tastes like apricot jam...Mcflurry is not bad...wish that they make it with Mars...cause it has caramel...caramel is good for you...fries are good too...served hot straight from the fryer ...try the super size...pound and a half of golden crispy fries.....yum...I'm craving pizza .
Sheba.. in case you missed it first time around, here's my list from July
Link kharban :(
Here's PSS's Best of Kuwait :)
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