Wednesday, August 25, 2004


I am busy today, i'm not bored, i don't want to kill anyone, and i'm not depressed today (maybe due to the machboos deyay & chocolate trifle i had last night). However, i do feel obliged to write! Does that mean i have become a serious blogger?

So what is it today,, its about this slow week, i was so bored that i found the perfect recipe for depression. In case you ever need it, here it is:

* Bump into an Ex who you havent gotten over yet, then make a fool of yourself.
* Keep reminding yourself what was last August like & that you're missing your friend's wedding (in Paris) because you have to stay with "M3alem 3a6iya", the Sa3eedy muqawel, while your (parent's) house is under renovation.
* M3alem 3a6iya calls you at 8 pm asking if he can start earlier tomorrow, you tell him no, but he comes earlier anyways. At the end of the day your house is leaking because he forgot to close the water pipe!
* You realise that your so called 'friends' are around you only when its convenient for them.
* Then to top it all of, you have insomnia & decide to read Paul Coelho's "Veronica Decides to Die"

Now this is the recipe for the opposite effect:
* Go to Danish Bakery and buy-to-try every single sandwich & dough they have. Their trifles are shay 3ajeeb btw.
* Then get together with your closest buddies over machboos deyay at 10 pm & loadsa desert & get collectively disgusted with the Videos on channel Mazzika.
* Tease each other about nothing worth while.
* Plan your new year's vacation.
* Blast Anastasia on the way back home.

(Review: Both recipes have been tried for success, & if you have any problems, please contact author).

Disclaimer: if you are or have been on anti-depressants or are PMSing then please do not try 1st recipe.

Have you tried their Banana Trifle ?! *Sigh* Bliss.... Pure Bliss...
You do not want to kill anyone, why did you want to kill someone before?

What is the story with this ex. of yours?
So where are you going for New Year's?
My dear Plushness " Sheba"

you forgot to add that out of hunger you forgot that the Danish Bakery is in Qurtuba and NOT Yarmouk :)
I could've sworn it was in Yarmouk, near the BKME branch
Pinky: But Of Course i did!
Purgy: Because they ask me about my ex!
Zaydoun: Nicky Beach, but cant say which one in public :>
Zaydoun, it IS in Yarmouk, Zeleikha works in the bakery next door & i called to ask her where it was (i was lost in Qurtoba- hypoglecemia)
Mino "They"?
my locks have been chopped off by simon...A dramatic step I had to take in order to get over the past chapter of my life. You might wonder what a simple, yet dramatic haircut would do..

No hair, No Man and no limitations!

I'll celebrate the new "Me" in paris.

Till then, I love you sheba honey.. I miss you terribley !
wasii nawar il blog! love u mucho. Any guy is lucky to have you & if they dont act accordingly, fe aman Allah!
If you need to add a kilo or two quickly head to Bread Talk in Al-Bustan mall. Try everything from thier banana-leaf-wrapped spinach pastery to the chocolate chip Tacos!

its niiiiiice ( Borat Voice )
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