Monday, August 23, 2004

Dating in Kuwait!

Somewhat Taboo yet very common. Need your inputs on the following. It would be nice if we could get a bi-sexual view (that is: a view from the ladies & a view from the gentlemen):

1. What is the etiquette of dating in Kuwait from A-Z. What is an acceptable approach? Does the guy call the girl or the girl call the guy? When are the couple officially dating? With the first call? Or with the first date? Or other?

2. When does dating turn into a relationship? With the first kiss? Or with an understanding (that they have exclusive rights)?

3. Where do they rendez vous?

4. How long is it in the relationship when the girl pops up the Big C (commitment for all you relationship virgins).

5. When do you meet the friends and the gazillion cousins, if ever?

1). in Q8 both girls & boys make the first call in this respect society traet both equally.
2). a whole semester.
3). in the cheap cafee near the church (om habib).
4). it depend what kind Virgin she is.
5). why do u want to go there (enjoy).

(regardless he's lucky to b with u)
My my my...

1. Well... the proper manner for dating is that the guy would call her or in kuwait he would give her his number and that is the way its done unless youre in a private school that you have friends that are male/female etc... It would be odd I think for the girl to call the guy because it seems that girls are more afraid of being embaressed if the guy said No way. Even though most guys are so afraid to ask its like girls have clubs and guns in their little bags that they use for these occasions. Since your first question is branched out into several questions ill answer the third since i feel i answered question 1 and 2, The couple are officially dating when there is a mutual understanding, not an odd silence gathered up from the first conversation on the phone or the first date that sends a signal to both of them that err something is not right.

2. Relationships are very hard to appreciate and harness. Maybe the first kiss if it was at the right moment and right time, sort of like a spark..

3. In kuwait... anywhere really but its best if they met indoors, at friends place or at his her place... this is what i think though many people may disagree.

4. Four to Five weeks... Id pop the question to my gf the first couple of days... if i like her then she better be commited to me and our relationship or else its a waste of time ;)

5. I prefer not to meet/introduce anyone in my relationship.
I do not believe in dating or relationships.
1.Well, guys always make their first move when they are interested in knowing a girl. They have their own way in reaching or contacting her, and it's prober that the guy calls the girl. The couple are dating when they "click" and things work out with them.

2.With understanding, the better relationship will be.

3.It's better they rendez-vous in public places like work place, restaurants, malls, cafes,...etc.

4.I think they guy should pop up the question after a month or 2 if he is SERIOUS. If not, he should break up with her earlier so she wouldn't waste her time.

5.It's better not to be introduced to friends, ubtil things get serious or they get engaged.
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