Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Freedom and Content.

Had a quick chance to glance at the headlines of 1 news paper today as i was watching the news, changing, and drinking my chai haleeb before work (or should i say, during work since it was 9:30 a.m.). Quick thought, Minister of Communication says that Kuwaities do not need to have opposition factions in exile because they are free to say and believe in whatever we want to in Kuwait. First thing that came to my mind is that no, i am not free to do what i want in my country, but then i remembered its because our pseudo, yet very powerful, democracy is in control and that is made up of mainly conservative and religious members-- elected, yes elected, by roughly 20% of the population. Lets say we double that to include women in the count, would the votes change? I doubt. So i say, buckle up and smile, at least we can bitch about the bearded MPs and the non-bearded government (i.e. ruling family).

Well Abo Alhassan wants us to beleive that we are so different from sisterly countries like KSA. Who has a very active opposition in exile for very obvious reasons. Well news to Mr Bo Al-hassan we are just a car bomb away from turning into a mini Riyadh and then lets see what good we got from the Taliban flavored democracy we have here in the land of the free.
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