Monday, August 23, 2004

Generation Square

Was talking to a friend, also a generation Xer & we were bashing our predessors (yuppies & yuppie wanabes) & what happens to members of that generation of workaholic drug/alcohol/substance abusers when they do not turn as successful as their peers? The answer is they just become junkies. Right. Now I am aware that these categories of generations do not apply to us (in the ME) because we went thru different demographic distinctions, but the broad lines are almost similar.

Yuppie Gen are in their 40's, they had their mom's to look after them and none of their parents are divorced (well, almost none). They had funny (uncommon) names, and their parents were very much into Arab solidarity when they were growing up and subscribed to some socialist creeds.

Generation X: are 30 something, Marry/Esperance & Margrate raised us. We went to church every Sunday (no joke), and we travelled alone (as children). I dream holiday was to go with the Nanny to Goa. We had a lot of emphasis put on our education (as over compensation from our biological parents) & we constantly complain. Sadly, our parents still see us as children and sometimes even give us pocket money. (They feel guilty for not having any pictures with us as children, and think its their fault that we turned the way we are- which is great for us). if we were Americans, we'd be in therapy blaming our parents for neglect, but we're actually envied by our ciblings so we feel lucky for everything we have.

Generation Y: Have younger parents, both mom & dad have/had careers and they actually listen to their parents and take part in family events. The daughters have boyfriends from a tender age and its okay with the brothers. The mom comes to the son's parent/teacher meetings and its okay. Dad had an affair at one point and the whole family knows. The mum got fed up with her balding husband and decided its time for a split.

Philipina maid generation: (at one point the philipina will hit on the teenager in the house); the kids eat out (or order in) every single night. There's a playstation in every room in the house. Their 6th bday gift is a Nokia mobile (contract). The mother takes out the kids every weekend to a mall while the dad disappears to (i still don't know where, but i'm assuming Dubai). The mom has a boyfriend and elopes with him.

I have been X'ed :)very true, except the pocket money
And people wonder how did I come up with some of my cartoons. I dont need to use imagination to creat a funny character or situation.

X marks the spot, in piartes treasure maps.

This is the age of generation X guys and gals, slowly but surly they are taking over as the leaders of this society. From prostitution to politics they are in charge now. I dont know about you but I dont see there is much hope with Generation Y, and this scares me alot, is it because they were spoild by having mcdonalds and starbucks next to thier homes unlike Us X'ers who had to travel to taste a Bigmac? is it because thier parents are way too busy with thier own agendas? Or is it because they feel so alienated from the utter crap their minds are fed in gov schools, mosques, media, Bluetooth....etc. ?
Dont blame the filipina, blame the dad or the mom who is paying her salary then abusing her mentally and physically.
Next gneration of Kuwaitis will most likely have filipino mothers, aunts or sisters.
I think there's hope, it's not such a bleak picture.

As you said in the beginning "these categories do not apply to us..."

Therefore, maybe these chosen few will be the true leaders of tomorrow after all the ass-kissers kiss way too many asses and contract a communicable disease and die.
kindly refer mosamosan first entry (corporate prayer)
Hi 7ino! Saw mosan's entry, as hilarious as ever! You'll find my comment there too!
Sheba, that was priceless! You hit the nail on the head!
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