Sunday, August 29, 2004

How to Meet a Girl

This is to the friend (the one with buttoned down shirt) who asked me "how do we meet a girl in Kuwait?". Background of this friend (for any single girls out there reading this): He's intelligent & handsome, & wants to fall in love (i know not because he's a soppy sod, but because it was his new year's resolution), so here we go on how to meet a girl (hope it works):

1. Increase your circle of friends to increase the chances of meeting people.
2. Accept invitations which you normally wouldn't.
3. Change the places that you usually go to.
4. Take up a new hobby or anything new, like a new language where you would go to class for, or a new art, etc..
5. Be more receptive, she might be right there and you haven't noticed her.

Here is what not to do:
1. Do not follow or stalk her (not that you would).
2. Do not get to know her sister in efforts to reach to her :p
3. Do not beat around the bush, once you like her let her know (we like direct guys).
4. Do not (over) try to impress her, usually guys look silly when they do that.

Or get an Interview in Layaleena magazine to talk about your dad's beach house in Spian...wearing full Q8y head gear
My Dear Plushness,
I assume he wants a q8y girl sa7?? well u forgot to add the most important,most asked question in q8.... HOW much is he worth ;)
:( Not all q80 girls are created equal! I am sure there are plenty of nice, non-materialistic girls out there!
you have a fascination with dating and relationships, why?
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1. Because i'm an ugly duckling who gets no attention from the opposite sex.
2. Because i want to be Carey from Sex in The City.
3. Because whether you want to admit it or not, this subject is so big, it is an multi-billion dollar industry.
Dear Shiba let's b realistic i agree with Zalicha and i agree with u as well but from my own experience if the girl likes a boy she would do the first move here in Q8 using multi ways such as:
1). ask a gay friend to intrduce here to him
2). simple call him :
a). using her mobile if she's confidant
b). using express or easy lines
I like ugly ducklings.
7inno, i'm more traditional i guess, i like the guy to do the pursuing, but whatever is your cup-a-tea.
Sheba believe me if u'll wait u wont get anywhere Q80 men r like that and by the way do u think that all the (young generation)(chicken nuggets) men approched them noooooooooooooo this is old fashion u have to take the the first move
I think Voodoo magic works well in Q8, just make her/him drink that magic potion. If doesnt work crash into her/his car

did you all forget "Blue Tooth"????????????

PS: Don't forget to include nessesary info in your alias such as age, (gender, duhh), social background, current year (never knew why it was so damn important), throw in a foriegn capital for intrest and voila...

Oh yes,, and luck,, you wouldnt want to bluetooth a psychotic fag now would you?

Enjoy bluetoothing!!
Does the car crash method still work? I wish I knew that before I sold my old car!
The Mushkil is that when u have integrity the choices of what you will do to meet someone are limited, however, if your face is wide (directly translated for you non-bilinguals, meaning if you have no shame) then your actions are unlimited.

Btw, is V. Moda gonna go for 70%? I saw a pair of jeans i liked but can go to beirut with its $$$ AND get milage!
7inno: Ah being the hunter vs. huntee theory..

Not sure if guys can handle a girl who knows what she wants and goes after it..

But then again who wants to be with a wimp..
Hint Hint Hint... Forget the Bluetooth.. forget going to Marina Mall... Forget even going out of your home! The best guaranteed way to meet a female..shemale! or whatever.. is through PALTALK! <-- all of kuwait are there! Meet Fathers..Mothers...Daughters..Sons.. Gays.. In the closets.. Shemales.. Or undecideds !! heheheheh

Funky Cool Medina
Dear Funky,

Keep up the good work!! Refer to Mosan's new entery!!
I just realised that the angst we're in as a nation is that there is no "norm" of social conduct. We're a relatively new society (post petrol) and do not know whats right from wrong. Some of us found Islam as the way to guide their actions, others found our old (mother labsa boshia & dad gone pearl diving) culture, and others are confused between everything they have seen Kuwait go through in the past 50 years. I guess thats why at Marina mall you find a teenager with his blue tooth hitting on a mu7ajaba in her skin tight clothese right next to a Salafi looking person and his family and its OKAY. God Bless Kuwait and hopefully we will always have social tolerance.

Nice post.

Although not necessarily looking to "meet girls" (I surely didn't come to Kuwait for that), I certainly wouldn't mind some additional socializing, due to the fact that I love people and consider myself as a reasonably open homo sapiens.

Now, in my case, being Lebanese, how would you (as a Kuwaiti lady) perceive relations between our two people in particular and between Kuwaitis and other nationalities in general?

I for myself tend to see the Kuwaiti society as being quite secretive and introspective, but that is a general overview and it shouldn't apply to a number of individuals who might be more willing to discover other cultures and live new experiences.
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