Wednesday, August 18, 2004

If 40 is the New 30, is 30 the new 20?

And how old does that make me? Have our ages changed? If not, then maybe they should. In my youth i always dreamed of being in my 30s, i admired women in their thirties because they had a sexy-classy air about them which was a mixture of experience, wisdome, self assurance, and little laugh lines around their eyes. So why don't i feel that i have become that yet? Why don't any of my 30 something friends have that about them? Or do i not notice it since i am here now? Is it because generation X is more laid back than our predecessors and hence less sophisticated? Is it because of ROC and their new anti-aging creams? Is it because we were late bloomers? Is it because we truely did not experience everything that earlier generations would have experienced in their 30 something years?

So is age a culmination of experience? The answer has to be general because being 40 has been pushed back a decade universally, and i need to know when would i attain that sexy-classy aura and when should i celebrate my 30th birthday again!

Hmm I reckon you ought to embrace the tally of years (dare I add decades?) that you have accumulated and live it! But hey, how does a treatment of botox and Nip/Tuck's DVD collection sound for your next integer? :)

--- a London commoner
loool a mighty witty london commoner too
Laugh Out Loud! Meanie!
A Friend of Mine just turned 42 today. I called her up this morning and we had the following conversation:-

"Good Morning H." I say.
"Good Morning!" she replies. (Because she always talks in exclamation marks.)
"Happy Birthday to you..." I give her a song over the phone. And she sings Along "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!" I love her God Bless Her.
"So Do you feel as good as you look?" I ask.
"I Don't Feel A DAY Over 28!!! I don't know what's wrong with me!!" She exclaims.
"Great that means soon we'll be the same age!" I joke.

I end the conversation with a smile. Because Age is all in the head, and Sexy Style is all in the way you carry yourself. If you ain't never been classy before, you ain't never gonna be!

Note:- This has nothing to do with anything, BUT has anyone seen Jeffery Gettleman on CNN? He is Terribly Good Looking. A Greek God On Earth.
I do not like ageing, its useless, has no meaning and it only gets worst with the years.
I'm 36, and I have to say, the last few years have been the best years of my life. Except that my gut is bigger and, you know.....doesn't work as well as it used to, but aside from that everything is great. Celebrate your 30th as often as you feel like it, it's a great decade. I'd do 30 again anytime!
Very intelligent reflection Pinky. So i will be who i am inspite of my age. Does this mean that i wont learn much from my experiences? Perhaps i must instigate a voluntary change.
Purg: u never liked your age, even when u were 26. I bet u wish ur 26 again. Don't let time pass by in any negative feeling, be proud of wherever you are in your life, cuz tomorrow its gone.
Cacho: you've definitely inspired me to celebrate & absolutely convinced me of younger men
How do you know I did not like being 26?
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