Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Plush Gaboo6!

A quick blog to say that I am ecstatic about having learnt to make gaboot (gaboo6) from no one but my grandma, may God bless her! The dish is mainly whole wheat dumplings lightly stuffed with onions in chicken or meat curry. The secret is in the simmering (2 hours min!) and simplicity of ingredients! So anyone interested in the recipe or in the experience of learning a Kuwaiti dish, msg me.

Btw, i don't know whether my blissful feeling this morning was due to standing by grandma in the kitchen last night or actually succeeding in the execution of the recipe! Mind you, my scale wasn't so approving this morning but i don't care :>

I'd love to try it out as I am a sucker for pure carbs.


Thanks Plush!
Hey Pinky, Glad to know you're a carb enthusiast! I go back to carb land tomorrow! I am SO homesick! So gaboo6 is as follows: Chop finely 2 large onions, fry in a non stick pan (jeder tefal) with 2 tbsp oil, then throw in your chicken (1 whole cut up into at least 4 pieces), throw in 1 whole KDD tomatoe paste carton, plus 1 tsp baharat beitkum (your home spices), 1/2 a tsp kurkum (dunno the name in english), 2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp hot paprika (or at your own liberty- for hotter gaboo6 put a whole spoon). When chicken is half cooked, add water to fill your pan. Then mix your wheat flour (get it from the Irani baker- just tell him u want 1 Kg of flour). Mix 2 cups flour with 1 cup water. Make dumplings in your hand & stuff them with chopped onions mixed with laymoon aswad) & drop in stew. You'll get around 20 gaboo6s. Let it simmer for 2 hrs. Eat with diet coke or leben!
Yum... I'm going to pass out now
Allah yer7emech ya Mama Mneera :(

God rest her beautiful soul

I miss you lots :((
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