Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Plushness United 2 (In All Tackiness)

2 minutes after posting my 1st blog, i am writing my 2nd! No one told me blogging is addictive. I guess it comes from my childhood days of keeping a diary? Or the fact that we are social animals and like to share our experiences?

Time for some substance on this blog. And yes, i do wish i could be the next Carrey of Sex in the City (writing NOT from NYC and not writing about sex, obviously) but we'll see about that.

Yesterday i gathered my 3 friends who are actually in August in Kuwait for some reason, and tried hard to find a restaurant with ambiance. In the exercise i engaged everyone i knew to help me and yet we failed. You’d think that restaurants being our only evening, outdoor entertainment in Kuwait, that more attention is paid (literally paid $$) towards the costs of decoration. Are we living in a tacky country? Driving back from Sakura (in the Crown Plaza) i decided that the answer is yes, sadly.

Note: what drove us to Sakura was actually the food, which is also more than i can say about most restaurants in Kuwait too. Depressing!

Hehe, I prefer compulsive bloggers, checking their blog never seems to disappoint me, there is always something new and definitly more refreshing than the tedious "where shall we dine tonight?" question.
Doing Atkins in kuwait is nearly impossible. Sultan center doesnt seem interested in importing Low-Carb products. Chilli's has a low-carb menu, which is basically thier steaks list without the fries. You could buy stuff directly from Atkins online shop and have it deliverd via Aramex - God bless them.
Driving to Farwania, then walking through the ugly lobby of Crowne Plaza to get to Sakura... No wonder you think Kuwait is tacky
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