Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Plushness United

I literally stumbled upon this blog business by mistake. Okay so what will this by-chance of a blogger blogger off about? Everything in plushness. Yes, plushness is the term i (newly) use for everything i like or feel strongly about. How about that? So what comes under my plushness for the day?! I think this is the best indoor non-active activity for August in Kuwait, when your boss and everyone around you has deserted you to spend their vacations on the Med. (sighhhh..).

I warn you that i will not use a spell checker nor will i use a grammar checker. So if you're the likes of me, i.e. anal about reading spotless English, then please close this page.

Other warnings: I love junk food. I love gourmet food. And I am on Atkins to test how much will power i actually can endure!

Other other warnings: I am an Aquarian by nature and an Aquarian by birth.

Alright now, lets see how this goes :)

Welcome to the blogosphere!
Added you to KuawitBlogs.

One questions "Easy as sunday morning" The Lionel Richie, or Faith No More version?
Lionel Richie's :/
Another pink template, why why why?
Sighhh! I'm a (grown) girl & can express my femininity with colors, so why not?
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