Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Social Tolerance

I just realised that the angst we're in as a nation is that there is no "norm" of social conduct. We're a relatively new society (post petrol) and do not know whats right from wrong. Some of us found Islam as the way to guide their actions, others found our old (mother labsa boshia & dad gone pearl diving) culture, and others are confused between everything they have seen Kuwait go through in the past 50 years. I guess thats why at Marina mall you find a teenager with his blue tooth hitting on a mu7ajaba in her skin tight clothes right next to a Salafi-looking person and his family and its OKAY. God Bless Kuwait and hopefully we will always have social tolerance.

Question: If the Islamist MPs are to take over and to change Kuwait into an Islamic State (expected v. soon), what would you do & why?

A. Choose to dissolve parliament
B. Go live elsewhere
C. Buckle up and put a 7ijab on
D. Take part in a coupe de ta
E. Other, explain pls.

F. Start a new Blog and post photos of the good old days when girls wore bikinis in Palms

G. Start a new Blog and show daily pictures of your unused razors - electric shavers - shorts - Stars & stripes underwear.
i'll choose b i'll live somewhere else but the question is 4 how long i can stay away? but i'll make sure i'll take with me:
1)درب الزلق
2) ضحية بيت العز
3) سدرة العشاق
because i'll b home sick
Sighhhhh chinna its ghazu all over again, Allah la igool! Nano, dont forget your sisters' weddings 7ag il the7ek wil bachi :/
My Dear Plushness,
what really pisses me off, is that "here in our beloved q8" the liberals only YIT7AL6IMOON 3ala the islamist MP's.
in ur blog u mentioned that q8 will be an islamic state very soon, if u r against living like KSA then DO SOMETHING ABT IT and stop t7il6uming !!!!!!!!!!! Y do the islamists get what they want and not the other way around ????
3amu Saba7 must stop supporting them, if its not too late!
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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Dear Zalikha: Sorry i can't.....i'll miss Mondays Thursdays...and my new summer friends i'm used to this life style NOw
In all fairness, i must give a background of how the Sunni Islamists monster came about. Remember the Irani Islamic Revolution? Well that was created to over throw the Shaah (liberal autonomous ruler of Iran who was not listening to Uncle Sam- it was easy to over throw him because there was a huge gap between the priveleged & the poor who followed Khomeni & his revolution). Then came the Iraq/Iran war in the 80s. We supported Iraq against the apparent Extreme Islamic Shiite regime who we wrongly believed was out to get Iraq then Kuwait & the area. Little did we know that the threat was from the pimp called Saddam, or Iraq (lets not get personal here ;). So in the 80's the threat was from extremist Shiite groups who were "the" designated terrorists at the time, and there was a failed assasination attempt on our Emir. This was when the government felt shaky and started supported the ikhwan and the salaf and the badu to balance the situation. Little did they know that all three would team up against Kuwait and everything Abdullah Al-Salem (founder of Independent Kuwait) built. Moreover, the "liberals" also misrespresented themselves as BS socialists or baathists at a time where these notions were becoming obsolete and their popularity and presence fizzled into nothingness. Which leaves us with 1 last grp, the independents-- but they're acting like monkeys too, following the Islamists. So basically yes, we're doomed.
Ops sorry Zaleikha, here goes your comment to Nano, i deleted bil ghala6 (was trying to correct a few typos on mine):

My Dear Plushness,
he supports them lana mako a7ad min the other party that will support him against islamists. lets be frank their "islamic MP's" voice is heard much LOUDER !!!!!!!!!

My Dear Nano Nano,
afa bas afa !!!!!! very DISAPPOINTED WITH U!!!!!!! the iraqi's didnt make u leave the country....... so u give up EASILY for the islamists AFAAAAAA :(

posted 2:48 pm
I think you know what I would choose, but I will not list it :)
Thank you for your contribution Muslim.

Q8 Q8 no other place if the hole world, no matter what plushness.
Why do u expect it very soon? I dont see any sign showing that!

I am wondering ...
aren't u a muslim? aren't u living in an islamic country?
so why do u complain about your religion and religious Kuwaitis?
Okay, i am in a bad mood because of our muqawil and have no tolerance for ignorance. If you do not know what factions or groups our Parliament is made of, and if you do not see this as a growing trend then i suggest that you switch on the Tv, simply or read a news paper once a week.

As to your comment about me complaining about my religion, i correct you and ask you to correct yourself, I DID NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT MY RELIGION. As to your comment of Kuwait being an Islamic country, THEN I SUGGEST YOU READ OUR CONSTITUTION, BECAUSE KUWAIT IS NOT AN ISLAMIC COUNTRY. NEW: THE ONLY ISLAMIC COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD ARE SAUDI ARABIA & IRAN. I SUGGEST THAT YOU ATTEND A COURSE IN KU THAT SHOULD BE COMPULSORY TO ALL CALLED '7KOOMAT O SIYASAT AL-KUWAIT' that is if you dont feel like reading. Meanwhile, please reserve your political comments to yourself.

Thank you & come back again.
Thank YOU ...

I read 3 different newspapers daily
and I come from a family full of politicians
So I'm not the one who have lack of information !
ehm. what the hell ? over run by short bearded men that wear short dishdashas ? Thats BS Kuwait day after day is becoming more liberal or hip or civilized or "americanised". The only reason why they bark so loud now is because they have support from the government. For whatever reason I personally dont know, pretty soon the govt. will be bored of the salafis and dispose of them. And about the constitution, Muslim countries have the Quraan as their constitution not some man made book that can be changed whenever someone feels like changing it. And oh yeah.. Check this in PART 1 Article two: The religion of the State is Islam, and the Islamic Sharia shall be a main source of legislation. leg·is·la·tion n. 1. The act or process of legislating; lawmaking 2. A proposed or enacted law or group of laws. Either you forgot what KU tought you or KU Just plain sucks.

P.S. Article 6

The system of Government in Kuwait shall be democratic, under which sovereignty resides in the people, the source of all powers. Sovereignty shall be exercised in the manner specified in this Constitution.

Which means its democracy in the boundries of ISLAM and if you know a tad bit of ISLAM you would understand what democracy is really about.
I do not want to have this argument with you Fatality, because obviously you feel all fired up for your mate and I don’t want this to be personal. Emotions are man's biggest downfall. As to weather Kuwait is an Islamic country, i will ask you to ask any authority for the right answer. I will not credit myself with the correct answer. However, Kuwait is a secular country. Our law system is actually based on French Law, except with “a7wal shakhsiya” and other subjects like inheritance and what have you. If that wasn’t true then we wouldn’t throw thieves in prison, we would cut off their hands, AND we wouldn’t hang murderers, we would cut their heads. In our Constitution it states that Islam is the main source but not the ONLY source for legislation. Moreover, democracy is not an Islamic notion, and this should be the BIGGEST fear for all of us who have been enjoying freedoms of speech and freedom among other freedoms that a democracy allows. You can ask any cousin of yours who studied law at KU ;)

Oh & on the subject of KU, i took the Kuwait Government course with Doctor Shafeeq Al-Ghabra, i hope that is credible enough? Moreover, KU is 1 out of 3 Universities that i have graduated from (this is not to brag, but to establish my own credibility for future reference). Moreover, if Kuwait was an Islamic state, you wouldn't have a man-made constitution because our constitution would be the Quran. Again, don't take my word, please do your own findings.

Then ask yourself this: if Kuwait is 30% Shiite and 70% Sunni, and within the Sunnies there are 2 main schools within our parliament the Salafi and the Ikhwan, whos translation of the Sharia do we follow as a country?
Your ref. to Dr. Shafeeq will not get you any positive reactions :)
I'm not arguing with your or questioning your credability or your education. Im expressing my thoughts as a citizen and a patriot to my beloved country. No other country is as good as Kuwait to my beliefs, if things that i wanted were not in kuwait because our govt. said so i'd have to live with it because the pros of this country are more than the cons. My family have been in the country before even it was called a Country or a emirate or state or whatever they call it. No one is gonna take over this country, the ikhwan the salaf the wahabis blah blah blah these guys are just a front to what's really going on. And about asking an official or anyone about the laws and regulations of this country they would most likely say its a islamic country BUT to a certian extent, such as not cutting off hands and decapetation of the head instead of hanging, so many other "rules and regulations" are not implemented in this country according to the islamic law. I agree with you when you say that islam isnt democratic because of all the things you have seen from KSA, IRAN And afghanistan in the ways they treat their people according to their "islam" no one can maintain the law with the true islamic ways because it disagrees with their power and assets dont you agree ? One man shall come and maintain the power of islam and show every other ass-hole leader that "exersices the ways all Allah according to his/her needs" Im sorry I got off subject and im sorry if you thought im arguing or Challenging you. Im just sharing my thoughts, if you feel my thoughts are not welcome here then I will not write again on this blog :)
and oh yeah God himself said that if he treats his slaves accordring to the rights and wrongs they did NO one would ever go to heaven. Allah a7an 3alaich min omich.. itha be7asbich 3ala kil sa7 o qala6 mara7 tshemeen re7at il janaa.. ooo Salamatkom
My Dear fellow bloggers,
this is a discussion board, and ALL are welcome to join. but do remember that if anyone has to say anything then let it be the facts and NOTHING ELSE.
My Dear Plushness,
politics is a very TOUCHY subject, + aslan ur blog was about a TOTALLY different thing all together.
calm down ppl and have fun during ur weekend :)
Dear All,

Everyone is more than welcome here. Thank you for your comments, its always interesting to learn about people and their beliefs, so please always speak your minds :)

Thank you for your efforts.

Sheba :)
entee yeswee wayed jenjal sheba
When Sabah Al-Ahmad "allows" Bashar and Star Academy concert to go on just because his grand daughters are big fans of Bashar. Then instructs Minister of info Abo Al-Hasan to "regulate" the rest of the concerts according to the Islamists demands - makes me wonder . Are we in some kind of a game between the govt and the strongest - most funded - most influntial party in Kuwait - the Islamists? You cant talk about democracy and Islam in one sentence, you can ask any islamist - even the MP's if they really beleive in the democratic system we have here and they will all agree that its not islamic in any way or shape and will never give up til they modify every law to one which is compatible with thier own system of beleifs - no one agrees on these beleifs. If you seriously think that the Islamists are not on thier way of controlling this country , just go back in time 25 years ago or little more and compare, compare the life style of most Kuwaitis, the govt policies on everything from education to television ( How many religious shows we had in 1977? and how was our beloved university back then? When was Kolliyat al sharee3a esatblished? ). And let us not forget how the govt raised and supported the Islamists groups by allowing thier donation shacks to mushroom all over the place, you tell me could a non-Islamist group ( like the communist al-Manbar ) "dare" to even leave a donation box in front of the co op door?! Without facing the wrath of the govt and Amn al dawla?? Looking at other Gulf states we see how the govts there have always kept the Islamists under control and the rulers there never feel threatned by them or even show any worry, unlike our govt which would stop and turn on a dime just to listen very carefully to what Mr Al-Tabtaba'ai or Mr 3awad Baraad (weekly) demand&threat - then dedicate a whole meeting of the ministers to discuss it and to meet their demands or at least to award them with what might make them happy for a short while - all of that at break neck speed never seen on any other situation ( How fast the Bluetooth law was approved by Sabah Alahmad govt afer Ahmad baqer suggested it? ) . If that doesnt show you true "control" and power then nothing does.
Thank you anonymous. May i also add the women's right to vote that was an EMIRI request and vetoed by the men in beards and the monkeys in Parliament. Wala 3aib.
:) shfeeech 7aqda la hal daraga
hola from paris!!!

the weather is amazing, shopping is amazing and bario latino was spectacular!!!

I don't want the summer to end :(
Will about the blog, I really like the subject but what i belive in is people have the right to make mistakes and if a person see's that he/she may like to go skinny dipping then I for that and If he/she would like to be part of that Islamic movment then go for it..

But for someone to force there belifes on me what truly sucks big time. What I belive in myself is that people have the right to make ther own mistakes and lear from them.
i can say 1 thing هناك مقوله شهيره للملك سعود رحمه الله
( الدين طير حر من صاده قنصه به )
sorryy it was King Abdul Aziz
Damn Right
Interesting topic...

I am a non-Kuwaiti who has lived in Kuwait my whole life. If this country turns into the next KSA or Iran... I really would not like to leave... I would expect every Kuwaiti citizen who would be against such a movement, to be in the streets protesting (at least thats what they do where I come from, even if we dont get what we want ;) lol)... if all else fails, i am sorry to say, that I would leave Kuwait. Not that I have anything wrong with Islam... but because I find it my right to CHOOSE how I would like to live rather than have it chosen for me... All we have in life is our opinions which create who we are, once that is taken away, we really have nothing....
pls read that......

دستــور دولــة الكـويــت

الباب الأول الباب الثاني الباب الثالث الباب الرابع الباب الخامس

الباب الاول

الدولة ونظام الحكم

( مادة 1 )

الكويت دولة عربية مستقلة ذات سيادة تامة، ولا يجوز النزول عن سيادتها أو التخلي عن أي جزء من أراضيها.

وشعب الكويت جزء من الأمة العربية .

( مادة 2 )

دين الدولة الإسلام والشريعة الإسلامية مصدر رئيسي للتشريع .

( مادة 3 )

لغة الدولة الرسمية هي اللغة العربية.

( مادة 4)

الكويت إمارة وراثية في ذرية المغفور له مبارك الصباح.

ويعين ولي العهد خلال سنة على الأكثر من توليه الأمير، ويكون تعيينه بأمر أميري بناء على تزكية الأمير ومبايعة من مجلس الأمة تتم في جلسة خاصة بموافقة أغلبية الأعضاء الذين يتألف منهم المجلس.

وفي حالة عدم التعين على النحو السابق يزكي الأمير لولاية العهد ثلاثة على الأقل من الذرية المذكورة فيبايع المجلس أحدهم وليا للعهد .

ويشترط في ولي العهد أن يكون رشيدا عاقلا وابنا شرعيا لأبوين مسلمين .

وينظم سائر الأحكام الخاصة بتوارث الإمارة قانون خاص يصدر في خلال سنة من تاريخ العمل بهذا الدستور وتكون له صفة دستورية فلا يجوز تعديله إلا بالطريقة المقررة لتعديل الدستور.

( مادة 5 )

يبين القانون علم الدولة وشعارها وشاراتها وأوسمتها ونشيدها الوطني.

( مادة 6 )

نظام الحكم في الكويت ديمقراطي، السيادة فيه للأمة مصدر السلطات جميعا وتكون ممارسة السيادة على الوجه المبين بهذا الدستور
Not everyone can afford the luxury of choice you have offered your readers.
I count my lucky stars each day Kuwait isn't yet a Saudi or Iran.
But like it or not Kuwait is in more ways than one a far cry from what it used to be like back in the late 70s. If anything Kuwait has turned into a nanny state. Here's a little snippet of life then & now:
1) Then - Arab Times weekly bingo contest with a bumper cash prize jackpot.
Now - Bingo is prohibited (how dare I even thought of it, I am contaminated by its very thought already) Now Arab times has gone all moral - the mouth piece of Saudi royals that it is, who fill up its coffers.
2) Then - Suave Lebanese coiffeurs in most ladies salons keeping their patrons happy.
Now - it could get the salon closed, the client deported & the poor coiffeur imprisoned for such a faux pas
3) Then KU - A co-ed higher seat of learning.
Now KU- a tightly segregated political hot potato.
4) Then good weather meant the big top would come to town.
Now - big top will remain a big fantasy for kids growing up here who will never know what it's like going to the circus.
5) Then Salem Mubarak street - a micro-cosm of sleek shoppers and families going through the motions.
Now Salem Mubarak street - a melee of skin-deep Westernised youths scouting the malls, for nice pieces of skirt, to get snotty on.
I rest my case.
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