Saturday, August 28, 2004

This Week Indeed

Told my boss off, then apologized (kinda) and told him i'm burnt out-- he agreed! Had him sign my leave papers, took thurs-sat off this week. What a luxury, & here is how i spent my time (not in order):

* Went back to reading Veronica Decides to Die.
* Spent 2 hours beautifying myself.
* Cooked.
* Got on dad's nerves & vice versa.
* Took time to spend with my childhood friend who just moved back from NYC, God bless her.
* Took some time to get to know someone i've known.
* Fasted
* Ate a bowl of birhi for futoor
* Went to the gym to genuinely exercise.
* Told off im3alim 3a6iya (muqawel) for working on Friday (sighhhh)!
* Went to a friend's birthday- found out quiet a few interesting things, but cant say them cuz first & foremost, i found out that my identity is not anonymous :s [ THANK YOU Shesmek abu zarayer maftoo7a]
* Started watching the Sopranos.
* Checked fellow bloggers' blogs, but found nothing much there, which is a very good sign, indicating a GREAT weekend i hope!
* To no avail, went thru my old mobile phone collection to see if any work cuz my mobile kharban (i hate nokia, but will buy another tomorrow). [IQ question: "I say tomato & you say TomAto" is like: A. you say cell, i say mobile; B. I say sms, you say txt]
* More mundane stuff that i am not usually able to fit in a 1 day weekend & feel very privileged to be able to do [yah 7araaam, child labor- not quiet]
* Got stuck on a character from a MADM link for the weekend called 'HEEEELIUM' check it out

Heeeliuuuuaaaaaammmmmmm...Does that thing have a gender?

If helium lived in Q8 he would probably be a slave or as they call them here "Khadam", paid 20 KD monthly - can be seen stuffing a fat kid's mouth with Mcnuggets - slapped each time they repeat a word thier master(s) say - blamed for every social problem here since 1962 - Mentally and sexually abused and pushed into prostitution ( wait til u see Helium in leather boots once he or she grows legs ) - Democratic Nation of Helium embassy will be flooded by run away Heliums which will be big news on local papers for about a 3 days then the tragedy will be forgotten completly after a wealthy kuwaiti woman is hosptalized after mistakingly swallowing a 4th generation Helium while it float above her during a Chay al tha7a morning breakfast buffet in her chalet. ( 3abaly kurwasoo wardi yideed men Le no6r )

Helium DOES have legs --- I repeat - Helium does have legs.

Tiny legs - but they do exist.
Spent a good 10 minutes deleting pornography from this blasted computer. I never really understood why some "males" find it nessesary to view porn.. let alone view it publically. I can see that whoever used this computer before me started thinking of other directories to store both pictures and audio material (and videos too!!).. so they decided to stash them in "My Music"... How original?????

----"Irriversable" flashbacks!! - I'll go watch cartoon network
Wow what a charged 1st day of the week! Meskeen helium :/ Wasii why have you inherited a computer off a perv? & yes why do males feel it neccessary to view pornography every so often? Wasii, please use dettol wipes on the key board :s
Sounds like you accomplished a lot this weekend!
Hope you enjoy reading Veronika Decides to Die! Real good book
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Naah don't like Spa time, i get Janu at home, she's worth a million!
1-I started to read Veronica Decides to Die a while ago I could not stop laughing (P.1 & P.2) I know it was not meant to be funny but I could not help it.
2-I was @ a birthday party did I meet you?If not the same birthday party, the one you were @, was it decorated very nicely?
Thank you for asking abt my postings on my blog.. I really apprecitad that.
Mosaan! I don't think we were at the same bday, the one i went to was quiet small. Hope you had fun in your party? P.S. Will re-read pg 1&2 of Veronica to see what amused you ;)
I love Veronika Decides To Die. I like all Coelho's work... pity a friend borrowed it about two years ago and that is that!...
Dear Sheba
the one I attended was small also, but I left early
Dear Pickwick, welcome on board. Do something mad lest you lose your marbles and demand your book back! I just got a Linda Goodman's book back after it has aged with a friend for 9 years!
Mosan! I never arrive early ;)
close enough but no cigar...I dont know if we should play 20 Questions to figure out if we went to the same place.
No comment :]
I want Janu!!!

Can you please gimme gimme gimme her number ?


PSS :)
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