Saturday, September 11, 2004

Birth Control Should be Banned

Yesterday I met a second cousin who I never knew existed, and he's not the type of cousin who you wish you wouldn't share your last name with. Its a lot of fun, like finding 20 Kd in your jeans' pockets. I know future generations wont have this experience, and thats why i think birth control should be banned. PLUS i am sure women would be less bitchy too if they had nothing to mess up their hormones. SO BANN THE PILL I SAY!

hmm we have enough people, the birth pill is good, it should not be banned.
I love my cousins, i want my kids to have a big family too, & i want to piss off Zaleikho who is constantly jealous for some reason or another ;p
why more kids? kafee what is around, pick some of the orphans instead and save eggs
Why? To make an omlette out of them? Children are the most beautiful thing in life. I am not very maternal but i love to be in the company of children (and cats too, actually anything small, kittens, pups, etc.)
kids are nice as long as they are not your own.
Pills are sooooooo passe...

i suggest slapping a patch on ur lovely bottom..
:) wonder if they would come from that spot, or maybe they have to be pinched first ;) then again a big patch on the whole bottom would not be a bad idea, closes everything out. However, you can still get kids through AI.
Noooo on the right cheek..

it would be sooo cute.. u know what, ask if they have one with a heart or a cupid on it.... id go for a shemrock...
hmm that is a tatoo, not a patch for not having kids.
it would help increase sales.. id bet my right cheek shemrock on it...

whats wrong with being kinky and "wise" ;)
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ah ok, so special patches for the cabbages

I didn't notice that I posted the thing twice..

How funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Why don't they have a chatroom here? a7s inni antethr barqeyyah..

ya sheen kitha LOL
hmm, why a chat room? mo kafee other places?
Catching a cold, maku iste3ab & dodahtooni!
I agree, Birth Control Pills are the past.

Let the Men grapple with Birth Control!

God Knows they contribute to overpopulation as much as women, so why should it be our responsibility ?!

Vivre Male Birth Control! Down with the Pill!

PSS :)

Question, Do I need to purchase a vertu for the concierge service or can I subscribe to it like any other service without buying the damn thing?
You get it free with a platinum American Express card, i think.
My Dear Plushness,
its NOT '3eera, u ppl r like ants, ur EVERYWHERE !!!!!!!!!
ban birth control to u guys, and bring out the PIFF PAFF hahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahhahhahah
So now im a 20 KDs in your pocket Sheba ?
ops wrong info, its a black amex & its a dif concierge than vertu (compliments of the London commoner) & he also donated this site for a good concierge service:
Hey couz!! Nawar il blog! Naaaah you're not even like 20 million KD in my pocket (chan zaain) but even DEARER!
Zaleikho! Jealousy is oozing from your comments! Thank you for proving my point ;p
the only reason why women are taking birth control pills is that if the "oops i forgot my pills today" happened the person who forgot would be sentenced to 9 months of torture.
20 Milion ?? Dearer ? Get Real , Id get a New Momy and Dad . and still wont be dearer than 20 M.
Huh? I'm complementing you --il kalam ib balash ;P
Me Sorry Me no English
Me english Me this ?
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