Saturday, September 04, 2004

Childhood Rape

I am appalled, disgusted, revolted, saddened, ashamed, angry, at the mass rape of the childrens' innocence at the Russian school. I hope the psychopaths and all their supporters burn to death. Before i knew they were ARAB i was disgusted to be human, of the same species as these animals. Now that 13 of them were Arab, i am disgusted that my beloved Kuwait is in the Middle East, i am disgusted that we are part of the Arab League and I don't think we should continue to take part of it (since their cowardice stand during the invasion). Abu Al-Hassan should denounce and send condolences on our behalf, but i will go to the Russian Embassy to express grief and support myself. I hope i will not be alone.

Listen, what's happening there is really a tragedy and a disgrace. However please do not label it as an "Arab" thing.

If the terrorists were Japanese, would you label the whole Japanese as terrorists?

On the other hand I am OK with you concerning the Arab League. It is worthless. It has always been a futile representative of what would have been if we came altogether as an Arab Nation. That is utopia in itself.

Look at how Syria has strangled Lebanon's freedom yesterday by coercing its MPs to modify the constitution and allow 3 additional years for the rule of their tyran. No one in the Arab World even cared about that. Why should they when they don't even care about what's happening to the Children of Palestine or those of Iraq.

Now that's the real tragedy.
Arabs simply don't care, thats what pisses me off the most, ESPECIALLY while most Arabs are Muslims or Christians and both our religions call for MERCY & LOVE before anything!

When Muslims start anything, they should start in the Name of God Most GRACIOUS Most MERCIFUL! Yet they have not an ounce of either grace nor merci! Yes, i do label it as Arab because it IS Arab, lets not put our heads in the sand. Arabs were responsible for Halabcha (the Genocide of the Kurds); Arabs were responsible for the killing of thousands of Shiites in Iraq, Arabs were responsible for the loss of Arab land in 1973, Arabs put Arabs in camps (Palestinians in Lebanon), 9/11. The list goes on, so how can we expect any respect or sympathy??? But what happened in the Russian school is still the grossest thing i have seen in my life time, next to Halabcha. Both Arab deeds!
Would you think that labeling it as Arab terrorism would change the mind of how us Arabs see the world?

I think it will only help the media that wants to durther incriminate us and brand us as criminals.
It is a Sad Sad Day for Humanity...

All over the world... Instead of pointing fingers and blaming groups and "nationalities" one should look as to the cause of this tragedy.
Things are definitely Not getting better.. wherever you are.. The future is unknown, restlesness is everywhere, and uncertainty is killing hope. I wish there were centres or at least programs in schools that would teach social tolerance, culture acceptance, and to respect Human Life..

I shudder to think, what if something like this happens in Kuwait.. Let us pray that it doesn't.

Allah ya7fethnah w Ye7afeth 3yalnah.. Ameen.
When is Villa Moda's next big sale ?
This is the outcome of KSA spending so much money in teaching people that islam is all about getting a long and dirty beard and less fabric for your dishdasha.
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