Thursday, September 30, 2004


The week has been different. Went with Grandma to Hussein M Jumaa Cancer hospital to meet with her doctors. The experience you get there is truely amazing. Old man wailing, in a stretcher, was at the main door that is also the ER door; old woman with dayram lips (traditional, natural, semi-permanent, burgandy lip color) in a wheel chair with her girls pushing her; children running around oblivious to what they have; teenagers in sun hats; forty something handsome athlete in his tennis shoes and baseball cap- alone; and thirty-something old aquaintance of mine in a chic headscarf. Being the only cancer hospital in Kuwait, it felt like i am seeing a picture of what a grave yard would look like, that is, like death, cancer is non-descriminatory.

The staff see this and feel this everyday, and are truely perhaps the most helpful and the most patient i have ever encountered. From the porter at the door to the head of the hospital. God bless them all.

hope your grandma will be better, matshoof shar.
Good Luck.

Insha'Allah Khair.

W Ma Teshofoon Shar.
I second you on HMJ, they do have the nicest staff there. It was good to read something positive about a Kuwaiti hospital for a change. :)

Hope your grandma feels better.
I hope your grandmother feels better!

As for the nurses... their jobs are difficult. Walla I don't know how they do it! God bless them
Thank you all again for your kindness and prayers :***
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