Thursday, September 09, 2004

Everything Before the Weekend

Hello all, no i haven't been lazy, just very busy. Ok this is my week in summary:

1. Dubai kicks our ass' BIG TIME & more than ever in food & beverage & entertainment & ambience :((((((

2. I had a fight with a very important client (the Tony Soprano effect). I have lost my shame or inhibition to show anger. Which is good & bad i think. Talking to 2 different friends about this, they expressed that they have been showing anger too. Madri shesalfa yemkin its the stars?

3. I have decided to play cupid this week also, but so far i haven't been successful :/ ABI BEIT FIL YANA!

4. Oh & this is for purg: The ex speaking to a common friend said that i have a good sense of humour! Dunno what that means, but kinda pissed me off because i can be described in nicer ways than that. hmmm!

5. Discovered that Atkins plus fruit & milk works too!

6. Rediscovered walking again now that the weather is milder. I stopped walking because a guy grabbed my "derrier" then hit me in the face when i ran after him to hit him. AHHH yal qahar!

Something to think about:
*What is the definition of a gentleman in 2004?

*What is the definition of a lady in 2004?

*What is the definition of a gentleman in 2004?
A man that can make his promises into reality

*What is the definition of a lady in 2004?
BRITNEY SPEEAAAAARS!@#$!@$ no just kidding.


A good definition for me would be... A lady that can contain her realm or relationship with little or no loss.

Someone Grabbed your Butt and then Slapped you ?!?!

Hathee ilKuwait sal 3ala ilNibby!

(You must have a nice Butt ;) )
Opsy daisy! Son #2 in blog makes me a non-lady :( I have to get some wasta to fix that!
If she had been more specific I would of mentioned a few other details :) plus that is what I would like to call a Lady :D
Fatality: Son = So (typo) pardon.

Pinky: he punched me the son of a pimp!
Here we go again with the ex., take him out of your head.
Purg! I think you have intimacy issues.. it has nothing to do with my ex, it has to do with YOUR love life, because it really does bother you when i mention Ex and you fail to acknowledge anything else in the Bloq. hmmmmmmm interesting
okay, so many comment in my head right now.
But the first and most important one:

1) Good sense of humour?! what the hell?! he couldn't think of ANYTHING else ? God, when will they ever learn?
2) I've never tried the Atkins diet but does it really work? and how effectively i.e how much did u lose in how much time?
3) I hate strangers who don't realize their boundaries, I mean HELLO YOUR STRANGERS? you really think u can touch my ass and I'd be happy ?! I had someone play with my hair once. Imagine that. Wish my husband would do that for me.
4) Its the first time I read your blog and I'm absolutely Loving it ! I love to hear about other people's experiences with the opposite sex. so much fun! Maybe I should post about that sometime.
hehe yeah chocolates, u wanna male bash? I think we have to create a new blog for that, lest i lose popularity with my male readers.
Sheba, I'm with you all the way.
ALTHOUGH someone once told me its all about karma, and that if you believe in something then the world conspires to get it for you. Ummm, I wanted something soooo bad but it still hasn't happened, guess I still have to wait a little bit longer.. OR MAYBE it ain't going to happen!
Wait a sec. did that really happen, the guy must have been high on testosterone that day or something. I was having this talk with a friend the other day and we came to the fact that it's a bad time to be a Kuwaiti male....

I never thought people would do such shit unless they where provoked but from your blog that doesn’t same to be the case so I would like to say sorry on behalf of the Kuwaiti Gentleman Club no just kidding but I really feel bad that truly sucks the only thing I can say is A$$Hole...
I suggest hapkido Sheba...

1-Gentelman >>>>>>>> Jude Law or Adrien Brody (akh 3alaihom)

2-Lady >>>>>>>> Boy George and Co.

"Where are all the Faisals.. I mean Snowdens of yesteryear"
Gentleman - David Beckham or ME!
Lady - Cate Blanchett

cheers Steve

PS Great BloG - very amusing !

of course I do, that is not a hidden secret, but you do mention him alot along with the other stuff, and that is the part I pick up, because I do not see anything special about this ex. that makes you mention him so many times.
My Dear Plushness,
if the questions apply to both men and women in q8, then the secret answers r as follows :
1. WHAT IS A GENTLEMAN ??? is there such in q8 ????
2. plenty of ladies in our beloved q8...... u can find them in villa moda. they go by the name faisal=salwa, khalid=abeer, salah=reem..... ect ect ect
P.S alla yaster 3alla i3yalna, allahuma la shimata
WoW,, lotsa negativity on the gentleman & Lady blog. Ok, this is what i believe, a gentleman is who is confident of his manhood and he takes it seriously and reflects that in his character: he never breaks his word and he is generous in his gentleness. A lady is a woman who also is confident of her femininity and respects others and herself by default. She knows that exhibiting femininity does not go against her feminist/women's rights ideals because gentleman will not take advantage of that.

Saying all that, yes it is difficult to be a gentleman and a modern man in one, but i think guys are catching up; more than i can say about my gender!
2-Things are funky lately…… I don’t know why?
3-You can never win when you play cupid.
4-Is he saying this to get closer to you again?
The rest later cuz I have the Saturday blues.
madri, madri, madri
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