Saturday, September 18, 2004


When did we lose faith? Does the loss of faith come with civilization? Is it a survival technique? Are we sheltering ourselves from all the questions and answers that having faith brings with it? Is the reality of life too real to swallow when its laced with faith? Is that why we choose to live without faith in everything real? So that we can confuse whats real with what isn't to avoid whats really real? Do we keep ourselves busy with whatever it is that we spend our weekends and weekdays doing to stop thinking about what our existence means and where we go from here?

And what if we go back to being faithful? Does that mean that we will see the triviality of our being? Is that what we fear? That we actually have to do a lot more to have worth in life?

Wow, such deep thoughts!

Although I don't have a philosophical edge, I will try to continue the thread you have here. I think Faith has always been a survival technique, therefore, it is not confined by temporal or geographic constrictions. However, the way in which people bestow it or use it does change. First they had faith in the Gods (Greeks), then the Emperor (Romans), then the Holy Trinity (Christian), then Man(Enlightenment), then Science and Technology (20th century - current). I think we always tend to associate Faith with hope, the hope that whatever you believe in will come to your rescue when you need it, which is a very selfish and egotistic way of belief. You simply have Faith in something or you don't, do not expect miracles in return for faith, because in essence Faith is a willful giving of one's belief, and not a system of exchange.

As for the relation between Faith and one's triviality, here is what I think: if you feel that you need to have Faith in anything, then this need in itself is a tacit confession of one's smallness. You are aware that you are insignificant, and you are simply looking for a justification of that through Faith, through whatever you chose to be stronger, bigger, and better than you.
My Dear Plushness,
alla alla alla........ too many questions that only u in ur current situatiom can answer.
7abibty never think Y, always say " its meant to be like this "
You lose faith when you quit.
You're a philosophy master! You're words are amazing and you have made me think even deeper into faith!

Zaleikho, read again & read shosho's comment (its very insightful and honest). I am not doubting anyone or anything, not even doubting my faith. I am merely questioning our relationship with faith (whatever it may be in).
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