Monday, September 20, 2004

Insider Trading

I am so glad that insider trading is not illegal in Kuwait! I personally look at the under 1 KDs, because i simply cannot afford to buy the PWCs & the telecoms.

So the group that ownes SABLE is being traded on the KSE (Kuwait Stock Exchange) for the 1st time today. Ticker is UFIG i think. Doing well for its 1st day, what was the IPO price per share?

BAYANINV had a big buzz, but that is fizzing out, any idea why?

KPAK still going strong, any idea till when?

KCEM is one of my favorites, i think its undervalued, so whats the deal on that today?

What was the excitement about IPG all about? Any truth in the rumours going around?

And for any of you bored with this talk, i highly recommend the Dior gambler bag (to die for!)

Congratulations are in order for the person who made it possible for Sable to get listed.
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Yes, and who may that be? Btw, what was the IPO share price?
Initial Public Offering
Sable? As in the pastry shop? People will buy anything on the stock market these days!!

It could be a good buy but it ain't no Krispy Kreme (Symbol: KKD).
Dear Zaydoun
the company is not bad at all,and its good that companies in q8 are expanding and going public. If you need the matrial pls inform me. How you feeling 2day?
Mosan, thank you for spelling out IPO, i was asking about the PRICE of the share before today??

Zaydoun, its an excellent company. Check out the press release of today (Qabas & Watan) and there was an invitation for press to see their factories (very impressive i must say).
i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED the black one..

i didnt hav enough money so i got the rasta one

I want a never ending credit card ;(
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Dear Sheba
it was a Private Placment not offered to the public for 350 flis. Gray market buzz between 600-700 flis as of yesterday

I toured the factory it is nice and clean
I think KAMCO should of increased the capital of the company before floating it, as to make the price lower and the stock more liquid (the whole point of an IPO).
aha! Thank u Mosan.

Wasma, ib cham kanat ib paris? You can get it on line when Allah yarzegech ib $1370
Dear Mosan,

Finally, I caught up to u here! I must agree with u regarding sable.... its a good company and has really flourished the past couple of years! even there products have been improving... am one of their crazy donut customers (Planet Donuts) :) try eating chocolate donuts while drinking Vodka - gives u a grusome buzz ;)
Dear Sheba
they couldnt float it if they didnt have a capital increase.
Ma7ib donuts unless they are KRISPY KREMmmmmmes!
Dear Funky C.M.
Hey nice reading for you again. I have post long fun weekend blues .. I cant seem to snap out of it. I trust you a had a fun long weekend? Choco Dounts with vodka under the sun on the beach sounds leathel.Does Sable sell vodka too?if yes what flavor?
Mosan, il press release ta3ban, no real info, what was their capital befor it was increased? And what is it now?
Mosan, mashoof your new posts :( laish?
If u guys look at the numbers of sable you will be impressed by how profitable and solid the company is, which can be summarized as follows:

1.The company’s Total sales reached KD4MM in 2002 and KD6MM in 2003 with an operating profit of KD1.252M and a net profit of Kd1.207M!!!.
2.we’re talking here about a gross profit margin of 51% !!!!!
3.The capital has been increased from KD100M to KD2MM.
4. total cash form operations reaced KD1.24MM in 2003!!!
5.The company owns one of the most outstanding food factories in the region with a space of 4000 sqm located in sab7an!!!
How is 1.2 mil KD 51% of 6 mil KD?

May you please e-mail me their P&L?

And how many shares are actually traded in the market? is it only KAMCO shares, or are the original founders trading their shares too? I.e. how liquid is the stock?
Dear Sheba

1-Where can I send you the info
2-I am not posting cuz I have a severe case of post long weekend blues..

thanks anonymous 4 the detailed info,,,

Your blues will not compare to mine, trust me! I did the worst thing i can do to myself but i am happy today. I have found a new way to numb feelings (topic of my next blog).

Send info to my e-mail if found in soft copy please.
Dear sheba
May be you can go to my blog and offer your help.
Gross profit margin is Gross Profit(which is sales - cost of goods sold) /sales = 51%. it measures the return to the company for the risks in the business cycle and the success of management in recovering costs. a decrease in the GPM may indicate that costs are not being controlled or it may be the result of a decrease in prices to increase market share
Anony! Thank you so much for clearing that for me :)

SO buy and till what price is it good to buy?
Dear Mosan,

Hmm I have a new product for the weekends - how about vodka jelly filled donuts? "get drunk eating donuts"
Dear Sheba,

It is really hard to predict cuz what happened today wasn’t normal at all, I thought the price will be traded in the range of 500 to 650 files which could have been very attractive for buyers in the long run, however it started at 740 fills and closed at 690 files due to a bad market day with a high volume of KD1.2 million !!
Dear Funky C.M.
ok...why not
Yes scary, but the market is thirsty for anything to put their money in i guess.
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