Sunday, September 19, 2004

Long Weekends Suck!

I don't know about you, but for me, any extra time on my hands and i get into trouble one way or another. Either that i have too much time to shop and get into trouble with Uncle Visa, or i start to think & rethink on past issues, or that i have time to actually watch SWAN on channel 2. What a horrible show! They have made a business out of ugly and ordinary looking women, as if its a big sin to be less than average! Where are the human rights activists?

My Dear Plushness,
OHHH COME ON!!!!!! ay activists ay bateekh...... she is UGLY she KNOWS it, and SHE WANTS TO LOOK BEAUTIFUL !!!!!! whats wrong with that ???
i for one prefer walking down the streets and looking at beautiful ppl, than looking at ugly ones and saying " 7amdalla will shukr lilalla, maskeena mo 7ilwa KILISHHHHHHH "
oo ba3dain have u seen the women they put in the shows?? have u seen the b4 and after pictures???? i just thank God for plastic surgery :)
Well some of them are really not that ugly and they only need some extra grooming..

By the way Sheba, have I ever mentioned that I believe I'm going to be just like you in a few years time? (compliment)
Dr 90210

Btw I just got back from riyadh - Miss you Sheba..
Zaleikha! 7aram 3alaich.

Chocolates: i AM HONORED & FLATTERED! Thank you! But to what do I owe this generosity?

Wasma: Miss you wayed bnaya! Call me when you can talk.
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