Monday, September 06, 2004

Nostalgia: God Bless Suma!

Busy day but i've been wanting to write about Suma my cousin. "Suma" is obviously not her real name. Suma is 9 years my senior & my earliest memories of her are beautiful:

Suma in her dara3a (aka jalabia or "kaftan") with her cleavage almost showing, shoulder-length, wavy, black hair, abaya on her shoulders and sha7a6a (clogs), getting into her black BMW coupe (635i i think they were called at the time), dragging us (my skinny cousin & my chubbiness) to the co-op to buy her dose of weekly Arabic magazines, then to Nugra before the shops opened to get videos for the rest of the evening. Note: this was pre satellite.

She would only leave the house after lunch time so that her boy friend (her husband now) would be sleeping & wouldn't call. Even after pagers & mobiles that was her schedule. In the evening we would pass by her boy friend's diwania to make sure that he was really there, this process was called "techeyek". At one point in their 11 year relationship she had 1 of the cousins talk to the guy to see if he would date her & he did, of course we all went & Suma came along to see in her eyes. God bless them!

When i turned 18 i decided that now that my baby fat is off and i have bloomed, that it is time for me to allow a guy into my life, to experience what other girls have had since they were 13 and to have the experience to judge correctly when my time of marriage comes! Of course i was not allowed a telephone in my room, nor was i allowed a "car phone" nor a pager, so what to do? Of course i was too scared to use the phone at home, and had constant paranoia that my parents would find out. SUMA came to the rescue of course, i skipped my classes at university and spent hours in her room chatting on the phone with my first boy friend. It lasted 2 weeks, got my heart broken by the chicken nuggets first bf who wasn't interested in virgins in the medium to long term but fell in love with me later. Why? i don't understand. But it was sweet sweet revenge.

Back to Suma. Suma insisted that like all men the chicken nuggets only broke up with me because he had someone else who did "satisfy" him (quiet accurate i must say). This was her philosophy.

There is something very romantic about Suma, i idealized her in her dara3a and 3abat. I still love her to pieces, as weird as they are as a couple and as a family of four now, i must say that in the end everything worked out and they lived happily ever after. Suma still has her amazing sense of humour, her 2 smart-ass daughters are as cute as she is and shes an amazing mom and wife.

Question: what do you think of the dara3a and 3abat? And why does our 3abat only come out for 3azza?

Xed again, Allah yester :/
i think that the Darra3a & 3abat if they were worn properly with بخور
woooooooooow so sexy
u know what's really sexy is
الثوب الكويتي
I love grandma's black lace boshia. I wonder why old women stopped wearing it. I think it became like the 3abat, its roll got reduced to be for Mubarakia and il chabra :/

iF YOU clING TOO mUCH TO lOGIC YOU WILL never Be Able to be Part Of ThE lIViNG pROCess that ThIS Existence Is. Life Is moRe than LogIC: life IS PaRADox, Life is MYsteRY.

Check this dancing/singing cat:

(And Put your Speakers ON!) - REQUIRES MACROMEDIA FLASH PLAYER, Downloadable here:
Sheba...I'm so into polo shirts right now.. I think Paris is getting to me.. too many dykes around!!

On a lighter note..I think guys who have tattoos are hot...I remembered Madonna's dancer.... oh baby!!
bl deen il women lazim taster 3awrat ha mn sha3ar ha lama her legs. and the 3abaya is what kuwaits used back then . to cover their bodies and face . till they reach their homes .

untill il women ta7areraw o ga6aw il 3abaya .. if your old enough to remember il muthahara o women from families in kuwait lama efsakhaw as a symbol of womens rights of freedom.

wearing 3abaya in 3azza now days its simple .
Imagine your self going to chocklate bar at 7 and you have 3azza il 3aser what do you do ? libsay hdoom il 6al3a o cover your self with 3abaya . since 3abaya is black and has the symbol of Sadness and all the shit .

I love Darareeee3 they are elegant and Sexy specially the ones who are made in india . yalla tezahebaw 7ag ramadan

Wasmaaa I have a Tattooo
I prefer to wear the 3abat on my head. Almost all of my "dararee3" are worn with long johns i.e. "9erwal 6iweel" for that added authenticity, and I am looking forward to the day where I can wear Thoob Abyath Bu Neg6ah :)

I should add that I prefer genuine traditional garb with attention to details instead of the current fad of hair that looks like 7ijab.. sorry .. I meant wearing 7ijabs that look like hair with tutu skirts, jeans, tight tops, and necks out in the open.. What Is Up With That???
the thoob was invented for poor women who cant afford to buy new cloths . thats why they bring a cheap material and fill it with glitter ..

you know whats sexy ??

a naked women wearing a black and golden glittery thoob .. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH I just thought of that .. What a Turn on
Crappy Nappy,

What Glitter ? We are talking of only the finest of the fine. Not the Cheap Stuff Made in China, madree wain...
Are you single Plushness?
My Dear Plushness,
1. shloon 3abaya and her cleavage almost showing?????? MO 3AIIIIIB
2. the way u describe SUMA it seems that she looked like the girls from the " burtugala" video clip looooooooooooooooooooooool
As for ur question, my answer would be..... i always go to spa time with my dara3a and 3abaya + i LOOOOOVE wearing it, i have no problem wearing it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

P.S.... it covers my fat very well, ad just makes me eat more :) YUMMY YUMMY
A 3abayah to me is like those Latex suits for S&M pepole. I guess it's the smoothness and how it makes every thing looks shiny and sexy under them.

As for the dara3a with her cleavage almost showing, OMG.
OMG OMG! What have u guys been up to?? BTW THIS IS SHEBA POSTING FROM DUBAI (forgot my password :x) full report when i come back!

oright wasmo, ur in paris & into POLO?? what happened to CHLOE/CD & the rest of the french designers? Btw, le bon marche have a nice collection of Polo. Oh & re. guys with tattoos, come to Palms on friday, u'll throw up min kether il tattoos TRES PASSE!

Zaleikho yal ___! Suma is skinny & elegant! Wearing dara3a to salon is NOT sexy, i am sure u wear ur worst one 3ashan la titwasakh min il massage oil. Btw arent these Thai masseuses lesbians?

Pinky, why do u wear long johns, thats indian no? I have only seen the white thob on my grandma (mom's side) but she was umm multicultural.. reminds me of her praying Allah yer7amha.

Boshia o bess!
P.S. Janu changed her number :(

Crappy_Nappy: thank you for the lesson in Kuwaiti anthropology. Btw, u r right i am a Chick N, but i am fixing that i swear :s ... Laser off your tattoo & get a tongue ring wila eye brow piercing for added coolness.

Rave: hope ur not still bored?

Purg: Y u askin if i'm single?

ops forgot about tata & nano:

nano r u the clone of 7inno? Tata: interesting but ummm no comment.

PEOPLE: this blogging reminds me of the blue marble penpal club on fridays (somtime in the 80's) remember them?

Malee khilg i go to my room, maku sleep & maku msn & i 4got my charger :/

Gordon Ramsay's Verre is so Yummy, Excellently Delicious!
CN: from where did u get the idea that the thoub was invented for poor women?? me personally i can't wait till i get old and start wearing a thoub.. by the way if any one knows from where to buy a good thoob pls let me know
Anonymous: it seems that u visited my favourite resturant in Dubai Verre pls enjoy the desert there...yumyumyum
I slept early after eating FOOL - Egyptian style, Tell that to Chef ramsy if you see him there.

Best Friend

women back then couldnt afford new clothes . so they invented that cover to wear it over the old clothes instead . tab3an hal shay also was in india`s weddings before kuwait and the Rest of the Middle east countries took it .

thats why you would find plain black thoub for house use . or one with glitters for wedddings .
The thob, a light, graceful, sheer transparent black garment worn as an
overdress, is a rectangular length of fabric folded in half at the shoulders
with a large opening for the head and two others for the hands. The
formal thob is used for dancing and is heavily embroidered with gold
thread or sequins around the neck and down the front.
My Dear Plushness " in dubbyyyy",
i never doubted Suma's looks, but the way u described her was of that of the girls in the video clip. "vleavage and all".
as for my dara3a's YES i do go in my old one's, but that doesnt mean that they r NOT nice ;).......
sij r the masseuses they LEZBOOOOOZZZZZ?????? hmmmmmmm didnt notice.
Dear Big Z
Vleavage or Cleavage(drinky winky?!)
Whats wrong with Gays and Lesbians , god ppl grow up .
le muta hal tafrega ?
Take it Eze ya 3azeezii o il nafs o ma tehwaa

check it
u gave me the definition , why it was invented ? why didnt they designed dara3aaa o fakaw ro7 hum bedal ma yalbeson 2 pieces
My Dear Mosan,
kilman yara ilnass ib3ain 6ab3a !!!!!!!!!!
Vleavage=Cleavage........... bas its the waking up in the morning and taking the kids to school "in the big sun glasses" then going for the "delicious" bkfast with my g.friends, that made me mis-spell it !!!!!!!!

P.S atleast it was a spelling mistake and NOT THE WHOLE MEANING OF THE SENTENCE ;) ;) so its DRINKY WINKY to u my friend..
how come you commenting on your post as anonymous? you can find out more if you are curious.
Dear Big Z
I dont like to drink this an invetation.
Also,,,,I think your commenting on the wrong blog..drinky winky
Dear Big Z
I dont like to drink this an invetation.
Also,,,,I think your commenting on the wrong blog..drinky winky
Dear Big Z
I dont drink this an invetation?
you are commenting on the wrong blog...drinky winky
Daer Big Z
1-is this an invetation
2-You are commenting on the wrong blog...are on the suace again?
I do find my slef in the love-hate relationship with the dara3a and 3abat. I do hate the fact that I may find it sexy on some girls.

Shoot me ........
Blame Canadaaaaaaa.. shame on canadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Oiiiii Sheba I did the thriller dancer bel share3 ams my uncle almost fainted men il th7k!!!!
I remember some1 saying that gays are obsessed with their looks. that is just not true, i have 2 gay friends and they are somewhat over-the-limit shall i say + they're very cool, so long live friendship, be it gay or not :)
HELLO, I'M BACK! GLAD TO SEE THAT EVERYONE HAS BEEN BUSY COMMENTING, MERCI TO ALL! Cleavage seems to be very important hal ayam (i have cleavage envy).

And all the debates on thobs! Hey did u hear that soug il 7areem is going to be rebuilt? Thats very depressing. I think good thobs come from there, or chinna they used to send us some from Bahrain when we were kids. I love the Bukhnag too btw. Bukhnag= organza head piece that looks like a nun's head thing but for young girls, to be worn NOT over Gap sweatshirts, but over colorful dara3az.
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