Saturday, September 25, 2004


So why do Global write about a company's performance right AFTER it hits a new record? Are they dumb or do they think readers are dumb?

BMI is 23.88 :)

Managed to do some shopping this weekend (good therapy)!

Oh the hypnosis doc that i wanted to go to turned out to be a perv.! Figures! So i have to sort out my carb addictions solo.

Big debate over new years: ski trip or sun trip.

Lots of good forgotten places in Kuwait:

Cafe Najjar (Le Maison du Cafe) at laila gallery. Excellent 'Turkish' coffees and yummie cafe food.

Persian Restaurant at Crown Plaza. VERY YUMMIE. Try the house kebab!

The Sheraton's Al-Hambra. Breakfast is the best (saj lady there for the best saj in town). They are open all day ala cart incase you need to feed yourselves or a guest past lunch time.

1- New year in Q8 with dear friends ...(always loved new year here).
2-sharton breakfast is the best.
How did your BMI go down when you have been to these places? did you grow taller?
New Year's is soooooo over-rated. It's just another night out of 365 nights. Sure it's nice to celebrate it in a special way, but would you rather do it with your friends or with hundreds of strangers?

That said, go skiing if you can. We've had enough sun!
Purg: Gym Gym Gym!

Zaydoun: Travelling with Friends of course!
Mosan, what did you do last New Years?
I separate a new year eve with all other eves in one thing.
Its the kiss that i will get in a count down. never know who will that girl going to be either some one I love or some one i got to know in the last 5 mins before the countdown . which basicly will lead me to get drunk and laid . Woooohooo
umm, ok, I will believe you this time. You know 23.88 rounded off would be BMI 24, so in reality, you did not move much. Let's see in a month, if you manage to lose more then you are on the right track.
I hate count downs, they're my least fav part of the night. But i'm glad some1 enjoys them :)
Every New Year's Eve I spend in exactly the same way. In Bed, Sleeping :)

You definitely wake up feeling refreshed ready to face the New Year.

PSS :)
WHEN DID YOU GO TO SHERATON????? I keep hearing it is the best but my "buddy" has never gone with me :(
Maybe now that a NEW buddy just flew in, i'll get to go :P
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