Saturday, September 11, 2004

Quality of Life

What is Quality of Life?

hmm, this is not a relationship question, nor a sex question, nor a dating question, nor hmm well a Sheba question.

tough to answer I guess, but for me quality of life means not doing much to live my life, which makes me one lazy person.
Purg, are you online 24/7?
no, well most of the time, why wanna chat?
Nope, grew outta that. Just wondering if you were depressed. Are you okay?
nope, this is normal.
and if i was depressed what would you do :)?
1st i would want to know why you're depressed and how far are you with this depression.
ok, well I am not depressed am just one weird bag of potatos
I am next door on msn you know.
I'm an msn snob, + i dont want over- exposure ;)
maybe you should delete these comments so that people can start commenting on the post instead of reading this conversation :P
C'est mon blog! And you'll be surprised how many cats curiosity killed ;p
ok Jovial cat.
Quality of life,,,

To lay my head on his lap while watching Curb your enthusiasm... (naturally he would end up laughing so hard - while completely disregarding my shaking head due to his belly) then sitting up straight and slapping him...ufff.. eshtahait strawberry cheesecake icecream
ouch! laish ilslaap!

I have my reasons :p
Sheba, you commented on a post but I do not know which one, must be an old one, which one was it?

and no am not here all the time, am just finishing something out of bed
Look for it you lazy bum
I did not find it ams and since you did not mention where it would be, i will not look for it patch butt :P
The best Quality of of life is to be in love and to be loved back
Quality of Life = Contentment in your Heart & Soul. It's intangible.
hmm, why are tyson-ing me ?
Hi all,
I have 6 gmail invitations, anyone interested?
Wasma: LA
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