Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Quick blog, inspired by Zaydoun's comment of dihn 3ood in summer and my insistence that its fall (even though its 50 C outside). I got out my colder weather oils and perfumes and dabbed a nice oil mixture (Al-shaye3's khal6a mu3ataqa, KD 130 per tola). Then i saw Fawah's perfume & sprayed some on my wrists too.

Fawah is an amazing shop in Jeddah & Riyadh, owned by umm forgot her name, but a nice Saudi princess. She mixes her perfumes at home and sells them at Basateen. Each mix has a number (which makes you want to own the whole collection like a deck of cards). I am using 'Duna' (forgot the number, but roughly SR 2500 per tiny spray bottle, but all u need is a spray to smell fabulous). I would imagine her sexiness, Balqees (Queen of Sheba) would wear it if she had it too. Next month (when its 40 C) i would mix the afore mentioned scents with bukhoor and Lalique.

Alright, interest rate is going up .25% tomorrow, stock market is down and i'm blogging about expensive Arabic scents. Yes i do see irony in that. If the stock market continues to go down, i will probably go on a shopping spree in Paris. Don't ask for logic please.

So whats your favorite perfume/scent?

>Morning = YSL Rive Gauche, or usually Clean by Clean, Pour Elle by Ted Lapidus

>Rest of the day and ANY occasion= Spring Flower by Creed, Narciso Rodriguez, Samburu by Wilderness (Not sure of the make), Agent Provocateur, ROUGE by Hermes, Sicily by Dolce & Gabana

>6eeb= ALWAYS Fawah (numbers 29,47, 48, 49 & Dona)

However, heres what my mother does to let the smell of bkhoor stick to your clothes and better yet STAY THERE
make sure your garments have been soaked(?) with the aroma, let it settle for a sec and then drench them with perfume (not litterally but you know what I mean) the perfume will hold the bkhoor "intact" hehe and voila..
Try it o tell me if it works (if it turns out that everyone knows this lil trick - then ignore this part of the post)

PS:I know this has nothing to do with this thread but how do you post a picture??
Forgot to mention that I love the smell of Cinnamon, Vanilla, Patchouli and Amber
wasii! Thats what i've been doing wrong! Ana atbakhar after ma atkaryam & at3a6ar (thinking that wet stuff hold smells better!) Will try your mum's trick!

You forgot Stella!
got over Stella - thanks to Narciso ;p
Mcdonalds fries ...crop of 1985 - London

Scent of a fresh KitKat...not the crappy ones sold here..but the fresh just left the factory kind

The Aroma when you open the box of Macintosh tin box I love the coconut green one.

The smell of a freshly powdered baby - quick true story Vegas biggest casinos use fresh baby scent to make the elderly feel at home and relaxed..thus spend more cash

The first time I smelled Cinnabuns leaving their oven. So addictive...

Worst smell known to man : the smell of Henna!! YUK..mix it with coffee...whatever..still SINKS!!
I love the smell of the fish market. I swear I do!

I also love the smell of fresh ground coffee, even though I don't drink the stuff. I like the smell of lavender, but not on me

I re-emphasize my comment about "dihn 3oud". It stinks in hot humid weather, but is nice in winter mixed with other oils. And it should be used in moderation mixed with bukhoor (i.e. just a dab) not splashed all over like شيوخ قطر

My signature scent? I like simple stuff, not something you can smell a mile away.

I avoid the Cinnabon corner if I'm hungry. It makes my head spin.
Zaydoun, try the lavender range (Linen spray, candles, etc.) from l'occtaine. I LOVE THAT SHOP & you must try Fawah (KSA).
smell of horses
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