Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Sh. Salim al-Ali says that the people will have more power and big changes are coming ahead. Thank you, but first of all we're a minority (Hathar Upwardly Mobile Kuwaities: HUM-Ks), so even if thats true, it will not include us. And second of all, Sheikh Saad has been put on the plane to London the day after the Royal family's decision makers meet. Stock market is down, so someone knows something that i dont, or its the fear factor!

On top of all that, LEBANESE is up again! It was stuck stubbornly at 280, until i sold, and started creeping up to 345 fils.

NMTC, largely owned by none but the PM of Kuwait is down now. Do i smell liquidation of assets?

hehe the best comment so far. Thank you purg :)
Sheba, of course, why leave a post without a comment. Now be a good gurl and comment on my posts.
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