Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Stocks & Stockings!

Central Bank will increase rates on Thursday.
KGL has won a bid in Oman, was told this morning, but couldn't buy. However, i will listen to my informant once he calls me again.

BAYANINV maleeqeen, they leeked the news of their orgasmic profits so that they can sell. Price is resisting at 390 fils. However, their performance proves that this price is undervalued.

IPG traders find this one amusing, rumours still not confirmed but price moved today.

KPAK is the plat du jour or should i say plat du ete of some big time Investors who have made it their mission to buy 20% of the company at ANY price.

Tantheef (CLEANING): nice and will be nicer (rumours of a new bid to fall on them).

Have info? Care to share?

Ok I have some info ...

New Mcdonalds Kufta sandwich is coming out soon....what will that do to thier stocks...and Will Kabab Al-Hejja keep quite or counter that with thier own Jooja Nuggets or maybe shabzi flurry?

Oh what is Kufta anyways? In lebanon it means long minced meat kababs in skewers....in egypt its some Kind of meatballs...in my book its big falafel sized metal ball

So Mcdonalds sound really serious here about introducing a middle eastern flavored menu...after the surprisingly succesful Mcarabia sandwich...I wonder what will be next...hmmm..muchboos bowls with mini daqoos sauce packs?
Metal Ball = Meat ball

Metal Ball...hmm...like the movie roller ball...fun to throw around...and might be a new dish for the coming ramadan....watch for the metal detectors though
hehe shabzi Mcflurry! I'm so craving chelu kebab with zeresht and leben and BREAD. Down with atkins!
I LOVE IT!! Stock tips on a blog. How about one dedicated to the kuwait stock market and the gossip that surrounds it? That would be AWESOME!

Especially when you consider the jail sentence a similar blog could get you in the USA!!
CN Ashwa its up again to 790! (wiping brow!)

Ishsayer fil shall??
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