Sunday, September 05, 2004

What the Hell was that??

Why do u frown upon my emotional blogs Purg? Its okay to express! Here is a post you may like:

1. Fat girl at gym wearing Christian Dior bermudas & had her limited edition LV doctor bag next to her. LAISH?? And why dont fat girls wear thongs?

2. If Atkins kills, then can i eat darabeel & chai 7aleeb?

3. Every1 on the Sopranos has good sex-- Why? Because they're gangsters? Because its HBO? Or because they're Catholic?

4. Why do wives take back their cheating husbands?

5. What do you tell a married friend who is seriously attracted to his/her colleague?

6. I get nervous around cute guy, still! WHY??

7. When do we stop getting zits?

1. beauty is in the eye of the beholder

2. what's darabeel? (chai 7aleeb is good, i tasted it 1st time in q8)

3. its HBO, Catholics don't necessarily have better sex than other peeps, I found chinese (whats their religion again? im too tired to look it up?) to be tops, followed by uzbeks.

4. they need security

5. screw you

6. its natural, enjoy your nervousness it's what makes you special

7. zits?

Perhaps catholics have the best sex because theyre going to hell for it. So they might as well make it the best damn sex they ever had.
I doubted zits were pimples, but after making sure with my friend, I am now confident knowing what zits mean :p
I hate it when people sneeze next to me, especially when they do it loudly and spread their microbes all over... I mean, WTF? It's not like i'm paranoid or sumtin but I had been bitten by the sting of cold and flu a number of times from those unfortunate "encounters" to the extent that I really really don't appreciate someone spreading the disease to me ONCE AGAIN! Fcuk this shit!

I usually stare like a Mad Dog at the culprits and sometimes move to another location when I'm in the bus or in any other public area (yes, i do use the public bus services in kuwait -- that's a totally different experience that I will have to discuss someday unless I go utterly insane by the sights, sounds and... smells I encounter on those daily grueling trips...)

ANYWAY, that was for the snooze, just a few moments ago one of our cleaning people here sneezed horribly, I guess that's what he calls "contributing" to the cleanliness of our offices.... argghhhhhhhh
1. Fat Girls don't because their thighs rub together w yiseer fehom "muzlayqah" and then they can't walk comfortably. Dior because it isn't sold in Kuwait at an official Dior Boutique (3eshtaw, Safiraw ya3nee). LV because it never goes on sale (Edfa3aw feh Mablagh, Yeee-Ah Kashkhah Baby!)

2. Yes you can, because they are yummy-licious! Just limit yourself, everything in moderation is fine.

3. Because Sex Sells and HBO is Cable and can get away with anything.

4. Because Women believe in the sancitiy of marriage, and they have hope in humanity. OR, Women almost always think they can change a man... well.. they can't.

5. Get over it.. Tell them they need to rekindle the fire in their marriage... Do Something out of the Ordinary, Send Sexy emails to your spouse, Go Skinny-Dipping in Bnaider at midnight, Role-Play ?

6. We All Do!!!!! It's called Hormones Woman!

7. You stop getting zits when you start having sex.
Sheba Your Q`s Are so Simple to answer , Your too smart for this :

1. Fat girls wear CD and LV just to give me balance to themselves . If im ugly looking then i should look good with my outfit. ugly people are always xpressed as Low , Poor . even if they were rich . they have to show it .
I dont want to get involved with the thong thing . but Just listen to the thong song and u will understand .

2. yes you can eat Darabeel and chai 7aleeb , bs la itgamseen il darabeel bl chai . produces Glucouse

3. Becuase the Veiwer gets Wants some sex in his show . and that is done by HBO who came up with the Catholic Gangsta Family Sopranos.

4. They take back thier husbands because they have already cheated on him . or they want to cheat in the future . Cheating has its own mmm JOY and excitement .

5. I tell him to Fuck her

6. because still you didnt have a cute guy as a boyfriend. Am availible btw lol

7. When you Stop Eatting Choclates
Because that theme comes over and over and over again, not healthy.

1. Fat girls wear thongs
2. yes
3. they do not have good sex.
4. no comment
5. nothing
6. hang around non cute guys and see what happens.
7. umm, when you stop eating chocolates
Rave: CHINESE ppl have the best sex?! I cannot believe it, I need a witness! Oh & Darabeel are dry cinnamon rolls that are dunked in hot milk. & what’s with the sneeze story?

Jon: Got a point there! LOL

Madm: X = ?

PINKY: LOL do you have zits?

Crappy_Nappy: Thank u for the compliment  Your insight on fat girls is very deep! & you’re absolutely right about cheating husbands & wives (unless the wife was a good Catholic like Tony Soprano’s)! Oh & thank you for your offer, but I don’t share ;)
Purg: Sa7 mu healthy, but this is a bloq, ye3nee its me myself & i with a small audience ;p

Oh & around ugly guys, chinna il ward, they dont even exist misakeen!
Sharing a is Caring
Dear Sheba,

1) Now, if fat girls in thongs was a pleasant viewing for any one, then FTV would certainly change to stand for Fat Tootsie Verve.
2) If that's your alternative to staying alive, then you're poised join FTV.
3) Because the prossies on Sopranos don't eat darabeel.
4) Because the nobody will want a fat money-spending girl in a thong.
5) But what do you tell the colleague in that case??
6) Because you'e not a slut.
7) When you stop eating darabeel and quit being an FTV girl, in your flab-covered thong; and start to look more like a Bada Bing girl, enjoying a good Bada BANG; with your married colleague who's really cute and whom you don't feel nervours around; and everyone starts to call you a slut!

Then, my dear friend, you'll get rid of your zits.

Jon Said:
"Perhaps catholics have the best sex because theyre going to hell for it. So they might as well make it the best damn sex they ever had."

WTF?!?! Who said Catholics go to hell for having sex? They go to hell for adultery, which they have sex out of marriage, and/or cheating on their spouses! ITs like that in Islam as well.... Stop being to freaking ignorant!

As for the questions:
1. its not just fat girls who act like that... its people called show offs w 3anon fergha
2. have whatever u want
3. is that ur opinion of good sex?
4. their idiots... or they worry about their children/family, etc
5. just to keep it as an attraction, and not go further.
6. nervous? hmmm never been nervous around any guy no matter how cute... but nothing wrong with thinking their cute...
7. not chocolate. sex is a good answer pinky... also if u exercise vigoroulsy.
EC: very chicken nuggettttty ويييييييييييييع

What are you doing here? Go back to mosan's playground. Talk trash all day then curse each other... Like little kids.

EC: sex is never a trashy subject u should know better
EC: LMAO Wittyyyyyyyyy Smrt A
Dear EC
No one asked for your lame opinion regarding my entry. My trash is your treasure.
Dear mosan,

Tsk tsk tsk.. naughty naughty boy. Did you learn this at school today, boy?

(Now go back to your room)
Dear EC:
It seems that Funky Cool Madina's dungeon is very fitting 4 your school mistress styls. whip whip..
This is no fun
Queen Sheba,

I am known for my flawless skin.

Pink with a wink ;)
1- I never really thought of that...well that discription sort of applies to my boss.. however "HE" is more into those limited edition-never-to-be-seen-only-on-sarah-jessica-parker-and-co type of bags..Oh yes and pink dishdashas too!

2-i suggest you go for deer meat.. YUMMY! its a swedish sandwitch thingi.. so damn good!

3-sopranos > mindblowing, backbreaking sex (im suprised none was injured (fine fine wont be a wet towel) > and oddly enough, you werent the first to actually label that as "good sex"> does that mean that we women subconsciously want to be abused? and TAPED?

4-because they cheat as well,, touche'!

5-use condoms and the patch (make sure ur skirt isnt see-through (paris hilton mistake)

6-blame that on ur knees.. they often cannot handle pressure.. or hormonal imbalance due to presence of an angelic being (who most probably released some sort of smell that you inhaled..pshttt... too much discovery channel... well.. i trip when i see a cute guy because i *intentionally* want to embarrase myslef and have someone say "besmella 3alaik" and make it even MORE obvious that i friggin fell and broke my god forsaken heel.. I REALLY DONNO WHY I TRIP SHEBA! la teglebeen il mwaje3!!! :/

7-when we bullshit ourselves into believing that they are infact bleeched moles.. then well all be cindy crawfords (bleeched.. ofcourse)

BTW i just got back from the madonna concert.. SHES AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
أستغفر الله
1. To cover all the excess fat and to piss other girls off. I dont think they wear all that stuff to impress guys because most guys dont care what brand her thong or panties or bra or shirt or pants.. we preffer girls without clothes. 1 a) Thongs look sexy on thin waist lines and those curly hips not on hippos.

2. darabeel & chai 7aleeb... old school 7adich...

3. OHH Thats good sex ? then whats bad ?

4. Because of something called "LOVE"

5. inconsiderat bastard.

6. youre human.

7. When you start having sex or you exercise to release all that "6aqa"
Chinese Women are very dedicated while making love, they cater to their men like women all around should. Japanese Women also fall within the same circle (see Geishas), I have yet to taste one of them.

Thai anyone?
Oh boy Oh Boy Oh Boy,

These comments are more fun than me blogging! Keep em coming! Wasma: i got to meet ur boss! Madm: ROFL! Fatality: 7ADI old school (in every sense of the word) ;) Rave: i cant bring myself to accept their eyes, something very mechanical about them.
Sheba I usually close my eyes while kissing


I generally do not focus solely on their eyes while ... mmmm being oil massaged, those girls are cute, they are definetely not my favorites(look wise) but quite active nevertheless. I miss Tabbouleh :/
Im feeling so laaaaaaaaaaaaazeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Ma badde a3mel shi wloh, i just wanna relax, like shit I have been working for 8 months non-stop without any vacation. I need to go sumwhere, sniff :'( suggestions any1?
Btw quickie q:
PINKY! LOL thatagurl! Il skooti looti ha?
Maybe the muslims have the best sex because they can have several cheating wives and love them all like they were the same. What a crazy world we live in.
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